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Travel Formalities #@&##@ ! Paperwork, paperwork ! Help me out ! See Europe by train
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someone on here metioned it somewhere on these boards so i looked into them

anyone used a cash passport or would you use one?

for those of you that dont know what it is:

Cash Passport card is just like your ATM card, and it's accepted at over 800,000 VISA ATMs around the world. That means, wherever you are, you have easy access to local currency, 24 hours a day. And with the convenience of a reloadable card, money can be deposited into your account by you, or someone else back home. What's more, the card is PIN protected, which means unlike a VISA card, if someone finds your Cash Passport card, they can't use it. And, you're able to link a second card to your account, just in case you misplace the first one.

think they have less fees then normal debit cards...
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I've never heard of them, but I'd definitely read the fine print. It's for sure they're not doing these as a public service. Is there a fee or percentage taken for the money put into the card? And I'd ask EXACTLY what the prices are for withdrawal from various ATM networks, and compare this with your own ATM card at home...

Of course, worst comes to worst, you could try it out. Take both one of these and your ATM card. Withdraw money from both over the course of your trip, and when you get home, see who charged the higher fees. That way you know whether to dunk more money into it for the next trip...

Let us know...

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Yeah, they make the fine print damn near unreadable for those things...damn the man!!
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I found this cash passport at AAA. doesent seem like the best idea, i have less fees on my credit cards. anyone know of a better one?
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I've looked at them as well. They often charge a percentage of money deposited and withdrawal fees are comparable to withdrawal fees on standard debit cards. I can't see the advantage of them over debit/credit cards. Perhaps they are just trying to phase out travellers cheques.
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i used thomas cook cash passport while travelling north america/canada and also in western eu and it was great...withdrawl fees were cheaper than my normal atm card and being visa, twas practically accepted everywhere and yeah had no problems at all. plus you can keep loading it with more cash (or lovely generous parents can) from home. and the second card with a diff pin # is a cool saftey net to have. id reccomend it to anyone! best way to go imo.
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