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Travel Budget, Money Matters, Financial Talk Mom, can I borrow ten grand?! Gimme yo mastercard! How the heck can I pay for my trip?! Ideas for making money. How much dough do I need?

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Hey guys, how's everyone doing?! This is a question for the experts on this board. So straight to business, I'm a broke ass student from T.O and I'm planning to go to Europe from mid July to mid September this year, I got my backpack, have money aside for my eurail pass and flight, I've calcalated my budget and I'll have around $4500 CAN to take with me on my trip (I'm planning to pull some crazy overtime at work for the next three months before I go). I don't drink at all, I'll do my own groceries and I'm planning to stay half of my trip in Spain and Portugal cause I know it's cheaper there than anywhere else in Western Europe. So here's where I'm planning to go, be honest, if I'm being too unrealistic about this budget I rather know now, so I'm not stuck in there, hungry and hating my trip. Thanks for all your advice, this board is a lifesaver, I wouldn't know half the stuff I know from just reading the posts.

Paris (3 days)

-Pamplona (3 days) (for the running of the bulls, there's no where to stay apparently and some Tpunkers have decided to camp out in park so accomadation is free for time I'm there)
-(Maybe some other small towns around if I have enough for transportation, but I'll be in Spain for 3 wks)

-Lagos (7 days)

-Rome (3 days)

-Interlaken (3 days--->I've contacted someone through hospitalityclub.org and she's willing to host me those three days, so once again I'm saving $$)

-Munich (3 days)

-Amsterdam (3 days)

And I have no idea what to do with the remaing 2 wks of my trip, maybe stay longer in Spain, we'll just have to see where the road takes me, i was even thinking to go to Czech. Anyway any advice is greatly appreciated thanks once again guys!

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Well, doing the conversion, you'll have approximately 3100 Euro, which, for 45 days, is about 70 Euro a day. You should be good as long as you stay within your budget and your train tickets don't come out of that. Spain is absolutely amazing! You could easily spend your whole time there. Obviously in the more tourist cities, accomadation will be slightly more expensive, but it seems like you're doing a good job of keeping it even. I am a proponent of smaller towns though!

You could get a cheap flight from Barcelona-Girona to Poland (Katowice, kinda a shit hole but easy and cheap to get to Krakow from there) or Budapest ala WizzAir. Or even out of Paris, plus a few other cities in Central/Eastern Europe (Sophia, Kaunas). Just a suggestion for your other two weeks. You may just want to leave them open for whatever comes up!
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As jamie said head east with a cheap flight...Personally I think Budapest may be out of your budget so i would head for Poland or Lithuania
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