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Travel Budget, Money Matters, Financial Talk Mom, can I borrow ten grand?! Gimme yo mastercard! How the heck can I pay for my trip?! Ideas for making money. How much dough do I need? See Europe by train
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Hey everyone! I just came across this website last night and have found it VERY useful so far. I have some questions of my own and am hoping I'll get some help from you lovely experienced people!
In January '06 I'm going to London to work for 6 months through BUNAC and am VERY excited! As the plan goes, I'll be working from mid Jan. thru mid. July, and I want to take the rest of July and probably all of August to TRAVEL EUROPE!!! Whoo hoo!! Can you tell that I am ridiculously excited?! What I need some advice on is the amount of time and money I will need to see all of the places I want to see. Okay so here's my list-- bare with me :D

-London (duh)
-Scotland- Loch Ness & Isle of Mull <-have some family heritage here!
***I'll probably do all these while staying in London for the 6 months***

-Some beautiful, small charming village in the French countryside (suggestions anyone???)
(maybe a trip around some Greek island?!)

Okay... am I trying to pack way too much into a month or month and a half? Given I will probably take some trips to Paris during my 6 month stay in London, so I can probably scratch that one off the list if I have way too many destinations. Obviously, I'm trying to do this the cheapest way possible while still seeing the beauty and excitement of these locations.
I know this is a long post, but I am new at this and really can use all the advice and help I can get.
Please let me know if you think I can do all this in a month 1/2's time. Also, how much should I budget for this? $2000... more? Thanks so much everyone!!
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$2000 can be done in 6 weeks but I would personally take more if it were me. Maybe you could save some while working?

I have a couple other short trips you may want to take while in London:

Dublin/Ireland. You can get 1 pound flights to Dublin if you can time it right.
Amsterdam. Great for a couple days of partying.

Versailles is near Paris and maybe you could do that in the same trip?

Your current itenerary gives you 3-4 days in each place. If you do this a rail pass will be needed. You will have to buy it from a USA address so maybe your parents can forward the rail pass to you in Englad a couple months before your trip. Rail passes are good for 6 months from the date of purchase. I also suggest using night trains to save you time and money while you are in motion.

Make sure to map out your trip if you want to make sure and hit all of the places that you listed. I would also reccomend hostel reservations since you are traveling in high season. Also check and when its close to time to find some airfares that are cheap and may save you some time. Just make sure you factor in bus fare since most of their airports can be far from the city you are flying too.

On your current budget you will have to self cater a lot. Definately hit up the free shelf at hostels and do group dinners with other travelers. There are lots of options for that. You will meet lots of interesting people this way as well!

Make sure and read up on your destinations so you won't waste time trying to figure out what to do and when. Take a guide book with you so that you have information handy.

Hope this helps!


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foofiters straight up. i live in uk and all that stuff (rail card, easy jet + ryan air) is spot on believe me. amsterdam is soooooo fucking worth a visit it makes me bleed. you have to go. thats not any judgement on your carecter you understand.. tee hee hee!!!!!! anywayz if theres any specific questions i can amswer for you on england id be happy to help..... the thing about fish and chips is they allways smell better than they taste!!!!!
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Versailles is pretty much something you would only do if you were in Paris. I would also suggest the Loire Valley-- chateaux, chateaux, chateaux. The town of Tours seems to be one of the main hubs for exploring that area.

Don't worry, you don't have to start making concrete plans for this yet. You're going to change your mind a bazillion times before you even leave for London. Just gather up a bunch of ideas and continue to research them. And then go be a lucky brat and work in London for 6 months! j/k.

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heh welcome to the boards!
Just a suggestion but you can probably do all these trips weekend wise what with the cheap flights that leave from london airports i know that easyjet have their winter schedule flights on sale already check out their site
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