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Travel Budget, Money Matters, Financial Talk Mom, can I borrow ten grand?! Gimme yo mastercard! How the heck can I pay for my trip?! Ideas for making money. How much dough do I need?

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I'm planning a trip to Europe and want to spend at least half the time in Eastern Europe. The last time I was there was about three years ago and the Euro hadn't made its eastern debut yet. So what I want to know is: how much more expensive is Czech Republic now (I still hear $20/day which is not much more if any than it used to be)? Is Budapest still cheap? How about Poland? I know leaving the major cities always cuts down on cost, but I am interested in some of the big cities too. I look around on the internet to just get an idea of some hostel prices, and they all seem a bit higher than before. Anything anyone can share will help. Thanks
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i have found that prague and budapest have increased their prices for tourists and are not that cheap as many people would remember. You can get a hostel in Budapest for around 10 euro's a night and if you stay on the pest side this may be alittle more convenient. Depending on how long you stay in Budapest you can pick up a three day travel card for around 2000ft (amazingly cheap) around about 7 (sorry going to have to work on pounds here im english) i would definately reccommend a travel card if you plan on getting out of the suburbs head out to szetendre and godollo for an extra 50pence and it only takes about 30-45 mins on the metro. When you get into budapest head for the zebra cafe at deak ferenc ter its just by mcdonalds in a little courtyard as they can help you with an amazing bar crawl. Go to the thermal baths..i particularly like szechenyi baths at hosok tere (heroes square) you can have about 3 hours there for 1500 ft (5) but you wont need to spend that long there and shoud get about 600ft refund. If your going in the summer try getting to one of the open air night clubs on Buda if i can remember rightly one of them is called Zold these are excellent and they close at about 6am. If you are going out in Pest then you could head for Beckets (irish pub) its on Bajcsy-Zsillinsky, if travelling by metro get off at arany janos and walk towards nyugati train station which akes a few mins. There are also a few good clubs around beckets/nyugati such as banhoff and my personal favourite B7. I could go on and on about budapest but if you need any more info then just pm me!

other cheap cities are definately bratislava (slovakia) and Poland is definately cheaper than the Czech Republic.
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Eastern Europe can still be very cheap, at least compared to Western Europe. It is still possible to do Prague on $20 a day, but nowadays that will be good enough for a large dorm room and eating street food or food from markets. If you increase your budget to $40-$50 a day you will be able to have a more luxurious time (eating out, a few drinks, sights, smaller hostel room). Budapest I actually found a little more expensive than Prague, but I did tend to splurge more in that city than probably necessary. Poland is cheaper than Hungary and Czech Republic. Even in Krakow and Warsaw, $30 a day will be sufficient enough funds to cover a room, eating out once, having a few drinks and seeing a sight or two.

It all depends on what you are looking for in the East. If you are looking at eating big meals at restaurants, going out to clubs, and the like, you can do it for cheaper than Western Europe, but you are not going to be able to do it on $20 a day like you might have been able to ten years ago.
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