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I guess hitch-hiking could actually save a lot of money, according to Susan Griffith, author of "Work Your Way Around the World". I was thinking of doing this when I arrive in Europe next month. But I've never done that before and kind of apprehensive, is it safe to hitch-hike around Europe? Websites such as http://europe.bugride.com and www.hicthikers.org offer long distance rides. Most require you to register which is free while others charge a small amount of 10 to 20, plus a small sum per km to pay the driver. Anyone tried that out before?
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Not tried it, i met two hungarian girls that had traveled only by hitching. they were a really good laugh, there tip was to take small presents which they gave in return for travel, they had small heart shape biscuites. haha they were a really cute pair and very funny. i would say it is definatly posible not sure how safe.
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Here's something I wrote awhile ago on hitchhicking;

Originally posted by Ace_@Feb 9 2005, 05:15 PM
what about hitch hiking? is it a safe way to get around in europe
I did a bit in Italy...but it was out necessity more then anything else.

I met this one lady who was hitchhiking her way around Europe. Mind you...she did seem a bit off. Every day she would leave the hostel at 6am & wouldn't get back till after midnight.

No one knew where she went, but she always came back with a fresh fish.

If you do plan on hitchhiking just be careful bro, I don't want to find your face on the back of my milk carton.
Like I said before, Just be careful! I'm sure there's just as many nut jobs in the EU as in North America.
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i did some hitchhiking in spain just about a month ago and it was a wonderful experience. usually you get picked up by lonely people who just want to talk, like delivery men or buisness men on a long trip. i would say definitly try it. you wont regret it, especially the feeling you get the first time you do it. all the adrenaline. its awesome.
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I did some hitching in europe. it was awsome. Usually it was former hitchhickers who took me along. And one really cool, kinda odd truckdriver once.
I felt save, though had on two occasions not such good drivers. Nothing happened in the end, so turned out allright. but looking back on my total hitching exprience, i would certainly recommend it!
Went from switzerland to home (north of the netherlands) where i got dropped at the door of a youth hostel in frankfurt, and later on my frontdoorstep. (and i live in the middle of freaking nowhere, this guy just took a huge detour to bring me home).
second time i went from barcelona to london. wich was superb. i met this crazy truckdriver, who was super skinny, very spiritual, and only ate fruits, nuts and seeds, 'of course' all uncooked.

I would just say, go for it. trust your intuition of course, and if you dont find a ride, i think it is pretty safe to sleep in a gasstation on the highway.
have fun!!
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