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Technology Inc. Go-Go-Gadget Arm! All things from the 21st century that are suppose to make our trips and lives a little easier See Europe by train
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I was just reading about this the other day. My fav feature is that they are pioneering a new quickcharge feature whereby a three minute charge gives you 3 hours of playback! Might be worth a look for people looking at getting a new player. I am still a dedicated I-Pod user.....but would love to have the quick charge feature of this Sony.

Here is a blurb on it:

Having an MP3 player in the current times isn’t anything special. Once a pioneering concept has now evolved into a pure digital fashion phenomenon. There were times when MP3 players were first introduced with limited onboard capacity and music playback as its only functionality. Thereafter, the industry gradually made its way to hard drive based players and back to flash players, albeit this time with a sense of style. The latest in the new era of fashionable digital MP3 players include diminutive sizes. First it was the MobiBLU, world’s smallest MP3 player, and now Sony’s Walkman Bean (NW-E307), which isn’t too far behind the MobiBLU in terms of striking dimensions.

Needless to say, Sony has picked a rather matching name for the Bean NW-E307 MP3 player. It comes in four colors including Coconut White, Tropical Ice, Cotton Candy Pink and Licorice Black. Funnily enough, Sony has designed the player in a way to make it more ergonomically friendly than some of the mice we’ve seen lately. The volume buttons are situated at the top left of the Bean with Menu and the remaining options located underneath it. Right along the outer exterior is also the LCD screen that displays the standard amount of information such as battery life span, current track information and date/time information.

The Bean also has a built-in USB adapter that directly connects to the PC without a wire. Furthermore, Sony continues with its Super Quick Battery Charge functionality; essentially, you can charge the Bean for three minutes to listen to three hours of music. According to Sony, the total playback time is 50 hours for the 1GB version of the Bean. Continuing with standard features, we’ve the onboard FM tuner, time/calendar and multi language display. Unsurprisingly, the Bean is compatible with CONNECT, which is Sony’s Online Music store. The device has support for MP3, ATRAC3, ATRAC3 Plus, WMA and WAV audio formats.

The price for the 1GB NW-E307 Bean is approximately $179.95.


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Here's a link to pictures of the Sony Bean.
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It's kinda cool, but I wouldn't buy it. I want a 60GB I-Pod Photo with color screen.
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i have pre-ordered mine these things are brilliant i think they are probably cheaper over in the states mine is costing £99 inc delivery cant wait only 2 weeks to go!
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I think they're kinda ugly...
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I dig em. If I hadn't seen the new Ipod I woulda got one of these
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