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So I am kind of thinking about the convenince of having my laptop with me while in Europe, but I am unsure of how safe it is. I don't want it to get stolen, broken blah blah blah. Does anyone do this?

Also if I decide to take it, what is the situation with wireless internet in Europe? Is it widespread?

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I am not sure how widespread wireless internet is in Europe, but I would imagine it is readily available. In any case I take my laptop everywhere I go.

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Western European Cities are "normally" ahead of North America when It comes to technology , so I think wireless networks should not be hard to come by.

Check this site for places that might be where your goingCheck this site for some locations of free Wi-FI

As for the laptop, I am a bit paranoid when it coems to traveling with high end electronics, I personally would not do it, BUT I think I am in the minority, many people travel with one, I was very surprised to see that on my last trip over seas.

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to be honest i wouldnt bother its to much extra weight to carry around and there are numerous amounts of internet cafes and many hostels provide free internet access!!
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I take my laptop with me everywhere, but I've yet to take it when staying at a hostel. It's not that I particularly distrust the security - or lack thereof; I often leave all my stuff strewn about and hardly give the possibility of theft a second thought. It's more the inconvenience of lugging the ol' Powerbook and all its accessories around... and the fact that if I had it with me, I'd want to bring it everywhere.

I've seen plenty of backpackers bring laptops with them, though, and I was envious that they could just hook into the hostel's wireless internet and do all their surfing at their leisure.

If the locations in CD's link to WiFi hotspots don't have you covered, you can buy a $20/mo membership to T-Mobile's hotspots, which is valid all over the US and all their locations throuhout Europe as well. But as it's been said, Internet cafes are so cheap and plentiful there, that a laptop would be a pure luxury.
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