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Studying, Living, Working, Volunteering Abroad, Expats Currently or planning on studying abroad, living abroad, working abroad, and volunteering abroad. Expats talk for all of you Huck Finn's out there. You rebels with a without a cause. Summer travel is child's play to you. See Europe by train
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I am eighteen years old, and travelling to Italy in September. I'm staying in Italy for six months, and would like to get a steady paying job so that I can pay for a place to stay. Where do I find a job? And how do I find an apartment? And should I be worried about living alone?
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I wouldnt be worried about living alone I would be worried about being able to afford living alone because Italy can be expensive when it comes to rent. Are you coming to Italy on a work visa? Have you thought about being a babysitter au pair? The pay is ok and they usually provide room and board. Good Luck!!!
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when i was in italy i paid a lot of attention to rent and finding a decent place to stay (wasnt sure at the time what i was gonna do and i thought it was best to keep my eyes open)....the cheapest i have found in the city center of rome (where i looked the most) was around 1100 euro a month....most places are occupied by people coming for short periods of they rent everything by the you will see a lot of ad's for 90 euro a day/500 a week/ 1200 a that they appeal to the needs of different types of travellers...but still...affording that alone is hard to might want to find a room mate (either search online for anything along the lines of a room mate search for europe) or just go there and plan on stayin in a hostel for a few weeks and explore the options while ur there (might be the best option)...
im guessin florence is similar to rome (went to florence but didnt have a very good time so i didnt pay attention to real estate signs there...but i doubt its much different)

finding a job is a hard topic to...i have been tryin to do the same thing...and i bought a book which might interest you..its called living working and studying in italy...talks about the necessary visas you need, things to expect....basically all questions answered..and helps u to realize that there is a lot to think about when planning a commitment of pver 3 months (the longest u can stay without a visa)...and visas are not easy to get unless ur a student and have a school there already...

if u know italian (like i semi do) then u could explore the option of being hired by a language school like berlitz..and if they will hire you to teach can get a work visa (a visa that requires u to have a place to work before u go there that will vouch for you and say you work for them..very hard to come by)

so think hard before u jump on a plane...ive been there already so i have a clue of whats goin on and how hard it is to find work and a place to stay....
(another example..people ive met are so hard up for cash cuz of the lack of jobs...that they offer there apartments, fully furnished, as vacation places or an alternative to a hostel or hotel for a week or 2 at a time while they go stay at hostels so that they can have some money to live on and pay there rent) even the italians who speak italian and english and have all the qualifications of you for jobs cant find jobs....its hard...

good luck darling!! and have a great time...i cant wait to get back to italy...take in every moment and remember it cuz u will miss it so much when ur back home...

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