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Studying, Living, Working, Volunteering Abroad, Expats Currently or planning on studying abroad, living abroad, working abroad, and volunteering abroad. Expats talk for all of you Huck Finn's out there. You rebels with a without a cause. Summer travel is child's play to you. See Europe by train
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Im thinking about going to apply to work at the PP in corfu for a few months at the end of this summer. I've been there before, and I had an amazing time. I know that this sort of job is pretty far from experienceing the culture Europe has to offer, but Im thinking that it might be a good place to go for a fun summer where you get paid (albeit probably really really badly!) more or less to party with other backpackers.

My ultimate goal is to buy a plane ticket there in july and work till october and then take whatever money i make plus whatever I have left from a starter sum of $1600 (after the plane ticket), and take off with some of the other employees leaving at the end of the high season for a month or so tour.

Any thoughts on the logic of this plan? Anyone worked at the Palace (ie is it a slave den of inequity?) Think it would be a good time, or a total culture drain?

Any help or thoughts on how else to go to Europe with about 600$ in the bank and have a place to go where you can meet other people very easily but be guaranteed that you can spend a few months abroad before going broke? I dont really want to count on checking into a hostel somewhere and then immediatley go looking for a job -- or is that the better approach?
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sorry, i meant my starting finances are 1600$ BEFORE the plane ticket -- Im a 20 year old Canadian university student and I work tree planting for the 1st 2 months of summer, but all that money has to be saved for going back to school for the winter semester, so I want to leave in july and use the max ammount of time until i have to go back for school, all on a roughly $600 starter
hope someone can help
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I very nearly started working there last summer, i kept saying im leaving tomorrow and somthing would go wrong, i missed the bus then 2 days latter the ferry was very late so i was going to miss my plane anyway so went back to PP, i ended up staying there 8 or 10 days somthing like that by which point i knew alot of the staff, on my third and final attempt to leave i actualy made it home if anything had gone wrong i was going to work there. i recon it would be great fun but beware the pay is very very bad i think it was like 40 euros a week, which most people told me did not even cover the drinking but on the plus side you do get free food but the same rota every week may get a bit boring. but as a plus im sure it would be great fun and living next to the sea. to be honest i recon if you can get a work visa for any contry in the EU i would get a proper job that pays a fair wage, with the exchange rate the UK is a very good bet as you will make more in one day than you will in a week at the PP.
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