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Default casual work in OZ

Hi i was looking to do some casual work and travel on oz for up to 6 months. I'd be willing to get bar certified or be a waiter and work for up to 6 months in one location with my work holiday visa. My question is, has anyone done this? any recommendations? how much money did you make vs. spend a week? thanks!
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I cant help you, but hang out, you will indeed get a lot of advice on this one....
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holy crap sorry about the response time !!!
Ok well I have done it so your in luck! haha.

alright so getting a working holiday visa is a good call it gives you the one year there and easy to get work with it!

now first thing get a phone!!! cheap ass pay and talk thing becuase if they cant get ahold of you then your not getting work... I had that issue.

now you have several options and now most of them are gonna be dependent on your location. If you are on the east coast like sydney, north then your gonna be able to probably easy slide into any gig along the beach, weather its bartending or waitering, working in a surf shop. Dive shop if your certified anything tourist related as well like tours and such, should not be a problem with a bit of looking. Just make up a few CVs/Resumes and hand them out. also try to figure out whats in season, like if its summer then pretty much everythin is gonna be bumping. You really should not have an issue.

If your in a major city, not east coast such as Perth, Darwin, Melborne Adelade etc... Becasue these are not quite as geared towards backpack toursim as the east coast they are just a little diffrent. Like waiter and bar gigs are no problem here too but your gonna have a harder time getting into the tours and tourism market. What I recomend for these and its what I did and am sure ass glad I did, is to seek out a job agency. I have done this twice now once in Oz and once in ireland and no issues with it, awesome time.
The one I did was in Melbourne, awesome city to live and work in I reccomend it highly, mainly becuase its soooo easy to get around with the tram network that working is a cinch! I think the one I used was called VIP job agency, I cant remeber the adress or street yo might be able to goole it though. What was nice was some days they had work and some days I had the day off. I got to work all over melbourne at some cool jobs. I worked for the Melboune theater company catering a preformance, I worked at Shell oil main office for the south pacific and bestof all I got to bartend at the melboune cup way up top in the prestigious members bar for somthing like 46 dollars an hour for 4 days. It was sick!
The main gig I had was at shell, I worked there and they liked me so they just called VIP every day and requested me, it got to the point that I VIP didn even need to call me I just knew from the Shell ppl if I was coming in the next day or not, I was washing dishes there and kitching helping for 17 dollars an hour and that was VIP's rate they were giving me and I was happy with that, plus most of those jobs knowing I was a poor backpacker would give me leftover food from the day to tke home for dinner, Man I spent next to no money In melbourne if you wanna know how to live there for free zero cost well thats another post for another day. No food, trans or rent/hostel pay. i saved serous cake in that town! Awesome place I reccomend it.
Also job agencys can mix it up for you, you can go in and say ok I wanna try something else, my friend went from waitering to doing demolitions for a couple weeks, lucky basterd, tore apart a few buildins with a sledge hammer!

Now something else you can try is to get on a cattle station in the outback or work a gig like that, i met one guy who spent 4 months in....broom I think its called or something driving a tractor, some german fellow, took us all out to get drunk because he had to spend his money, he made to much that he couldnt take it home with him without claiming it or something like that.
Would be a wicked experience but it would be a aquired taste. Like your not going down to the club everynight to piss it up. Your stuck out in the middle of nowhere working hard all day. Personally this sounds like heaven too me but I know its not for everyone.
to get on these gigs, you can either reserch cattle stations and try to contact them directly via phone or intnernet if they have them. Or look online. A bit of reserch should tell you how to get on a cattle gig, there is probably a site with postings for availible positions. Nice thing about those if you are working on one when your visa is running down, you can apply for the extra 1 year extention and because you are working at a job like that then they are probably gonna grant it too you!
And remeber that you CAN claim all the taxes back that you pay during your stay in Oz, its a nice little check upon your return to where your from to help get yourself going again!
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Make connections. Talk to locals.
That's what I did when I lived there(also, I was legaly allowed to got paid cash )

I worked for four different jobs when I was there, that doesn't count all the side small favor type jobs.
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When are going to OZ?
I'll be there in May
My dream is to visit 30 countries before the age of 30. 1/3 of the way there
Countries I have visited: Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Mexico, USA,Vatican City, Australia
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and I land in April for a year.
I smell a TPunk meetup in the making!!!

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What awesome advice TheWills!

I have my eyes on Austrailia in about 18 months

I think the cattle thing would be awesome too. I don't think my wife would go for it, but it would be awesome and a great way to save money.
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Fruit picking is also popular with backpackers. I don't know much about it but probably wirth googling.
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thanks for the replies it was a lot of help. I'm not sure on my exact date (ill be doing South east asia before heading to Australia to work). Would you recommend just going out on my own and looking for a job or is going the route of paying a company like bunac to help me worth the money?
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Great tips and suggestions in here, gang! Thanks!

Here's a popular message boards with job listings. It could give you a feel for what's out there.

- Use menu on the left to see all categories.
- Change location by clicking link (top right)

Good luck!
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It's pretty easy to work in a bar and make a good living there ( I did in Sydney) You need to get do an RSA class - Responsible Serving of Alcohol or something like that, but it can be done in one day and only costs about $60. And then most bars will pay around $20 an hour, so you can make a decent amount. Hope that helps! I worked at the Oaks in Neutral Bay - pretty good place, lots of cool people Hope that helps!
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