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Default Working abroad - Visa and Application Questions

Hey all,
Currently I am abroad (in Riga) and 1.5 months into my travels. I like Europe (a lot), and I have decided that I would not mind working here. I have come to the point where I have fully updated my CV, and have been looking for positions here in Europe. However, as usual, I have a few questions:

A work permit is necessary to seek employ in a foreign country. Canada has a working agreement with most countries in Europe that for young people (18-35), it is relatively easy to work for up to ONE year.

Some of the jobs I have been looking at claim that I must already have a Visa before applying. Is it worthwhile applying to them even though I do not (perhaps explaining that I could get one)?

How long does it take to get a Visa?

Is it easier if you already have a job offer?

Can I get a Visa while not physically being located in Canada? (Truth be told, certain... organizations still think that I am in Canada, as I have a friend who is excellent at reproducing my endorsement - so if it is a matter of mailing and signing something, aka me not showing up... in person, id in hand, it should be doable)?

I realize, in theory, I should just pick a country and get a visa, then move there and search for work. However, the thought of isolating myself to one option... and having other opportunities pass me by is not cool. aka I would like to leave my options open.

When I apply, should I make any mention of a Visa in my cover letter? Should I say that i am elligible for one, or that I even have one? Can I assume that organizations will not be concerned with my Visa status?

I am really a complete newbie at all of this, and I am at the stage where I have found some interesting options and would like to apply. However, I want to apply correctly lest I waste my time. Should I apply like I would jobs at home?


When applying for these jobs, what do I list for my address? My phone number (phoneless)? I do not want to appear like the homeless bum that I am.

Thanks very much.
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I'm glad to hear you're having a great time. Where are you thinking of settling down at and what kind of work are you trying to get? Where are you now?

If you have a decent idea of where you want to settle down at, I would ask some Canadian expats in that city or country about their experiences. Google "prague expats" or "budapest expats" or whatever. Or actually go to the city. Its no use getting a job somewhere and then hating the city. Usually the sites I mentioned have some sort of discussion forum and you can ask about visa procedures and stuff there. Or hang out in the expat bar. If you can, apply to jobs in multiple countries. I do not know anything about this process. Americans have the short end of the stick when it comes to work visa agreements. Sorry I can't be of more help! =[
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Not to be a huge downer, but there are way to many things working against you doing this from europe than from back home.

Essentially you are gonna have to focus on one country as opposed to all of Europe. It can take months up to a year to get a visa. You need to research your options, and the average waiting times for visa processing in each country. Are you sure you meet all the eligibility requirements? Check and double check cause some embassy's do require an interview (inperson or by phone). Also, i dont know how easy it would be to get a professional job without at least a moderate understanding of the language of the country your trying to work in, so check any additional language requirements in the job postings. Perhaps the most important thing to think about as well is that when your applying for a visa, you have to send your passport in. And that wont be possible when your overseas as it would be illegal for you to be in Europe without a passport. Anyways just some things to think about. Good Luck!
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