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So ultimately I think it would be awesome to own my own hostel. i definately think it would be alot of fun and something that i could do well at. there are lots of places that i could see myself opening one up.

the truth however, is that ive never worked at a hostel. ive stayed at alot which is important but u never really know all the behind the scene stuff just by staying at a hostel. i was wondering who out there has worked at a hostel? what was the experience like? how did the hostel pay you and was it in general a good or bad experience?

i'm considering taking the next year and traveling and working at some different hostels to see how it goes for me. i'm not totally sure how it will work since i'm a u.s. citizen and while i'd be willing to work at u.s. hostels i'd also like to get the experience of working in a hostel abroad.

does anyone else out there have the dream of opening up their own hostel? has anyone actually done or tried to do it?

i'm just looking for any info possible.

thank alot.

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Ive never worked in one, but Ive seen tons of Americans working in them so I dont think there is a problem with not having a visa.
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Live AND work in a hostel (at the same time) before you decide to run one. And you will kind of start to hate the general breed of backpackers. There's so much that goes into running a hostel that is so hard to see and understand from just being a guest. Its a headache, its really hard, and its basically thankless.
All that said, I have every now and then toyed with the idea of running a small hostel in a weird out of the way place. A hostel so badass that people will come just to chill there. That wouldnt be bad.
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I work in a hostel,a SYHA (Scottish Youth Hostel Association) one at that...maybe cos its me or because its a seasonal hostel i dont know,but my pay is crap - 5.05 an hour,and i don't work that often,mainly because it's not that busy at the moment,but all i do is come in in the morning at clean and tidy up the rooms and toilets,and then i go home afterwords and then i sometimes come back in the evening and sit from 5pm onwards,till 11 if i have to,and im bored as fsck,and i have nothing to do...really boring,and then go home or stay here overnight,depending on how busy it is and what time i finish,my home is 2/3 miles away and i walk all the time,and in bad weather ill stick my thumb out for a lift...

basically if ya want to work in a hostel before trying and plannin about settin up your own one,DO NOT WORK FOR THE IYHF,and the hostel you set up,dont give it to the IYHF either,thats just wrong,there is no fun in these hostel's

yea,thats my experience,then again i am in the middle of nowhere,altho,glen affric hostel has no address,no phone number,no e-mail,and is about 4 hour walk from car park i think...thats remote

hope my info has helped ya if not,damn,i can tell what its like when it gets busier if ya want

and atm i'm at work,waiting to get a key back fer a room...then i can tidy em,and the loo's and then the kitchen and dining room and lounge,then i gotta put the bins out and dust the stairs...and then go home on this glorious day...damn its to hot ...right im goin now...
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so i'm studying in paris all of next year, and apparently, once a student's spent a year studying in France, they can acquire a summer visa. is there anyone here that's worked in french hostels? i've spent some hostel time in France, and working in Menton would be pretty awesome: meditteranean, beach, chill atmosphere, italy...

are there any other jobs in france that ya'll thing might be cool?
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I've worked in a few different hostels just for accomodation, cleaning rooms and bathrooms in exchange for a free night. Also worked in a hostel bar in New Zealand in exchange for a free night & tips.

I had a 'real' job in one hostel in Australia, as a receptionist. It was quite a messy hostel as it had only been open for a few months and the manager was an alcoholic dickhead, but I loved this job.
The work itself was allright, just administration kinda work and checking people in and stuff, not too hard, kinda lazy. I liked knowing all the people in the hostel, I lived in the hostel as well so I knew everyone by name. I got paid in cash (very much under-paid, 50 AU$ plus free stay, for a 10 hour day), the manager paid most people cash in hand or just free accomodation in the hostel.

I would love to own a hostel, I've actually thought about this a lot. I don't think I will ever start my own business though, as I like my jobs to be without much responsibility, so I can do and not do whatever I like, leave whenever I like, you know. I'm a horrible employee :P. But owning a hostel or even just managing one would be awesome I think.
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This is a great thread! I was thinking about working in a hostel too. Just a few questions:

When you are backpacking can you just walk into a hostel and ask them if they have work? How do you find out who's hireing?

Also will they let you clean something or do some kind of work for free accomidation for a night. I saw that on a travel show where these people did four hours of cleaning and recieved a free nights stay.

Do most of the hostels let you stay for longer periods too?
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The hostel I worked in was terrible. The training lasted for two weeks and it was unpaid. It was morning until night cleaning, check-ins, changing sheets, etc only for a place to stay.
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