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South America Bossa Nova, the Amazon rain forest, Machu-Pichu, Incas, Grazie Jiu-Jitsu, salsa dancing, exotic women... See Europe by train
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Well, the last post in here seems to be in 2004, but i'm going to try my luck anyway!

i'm looking to take a trip to peru (or more) with my girlfriend in september. We are thinking of taking 14days and are trying to decide what we can see in this time. it seems that long dist transportation in SA is a little slow going, can anyone back this up? might make the amount we see limited if it is

For those of you who have been to peru, how long did you spend? was it enough time? what did you see? I'd like to really see peru and soak it in. how much time did you spend on the inca train +machu pichu (sp?) Oh and most importantly, did y'all take tours or strike out on your own for the trip?? i'm looking at the following tour but don't know if they are moving us too fast!

i feel like i may have asked a little too much in this post! sorry!

well, thanks for the help in advance!

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oh-ho, after a closer look, there does seem to be some recent posts in this forum! looks like i spoke to soon. thanks (in advance) for your help guys (girls too)

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sorry Nicko I can't help you out with Peru since I haven't been. I stuck to the brasil loop but I've heard incredible things about lima and machu

I hope someone else can be of more assistance!
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I went to Peru in 14 days alone around the same time last year. You won't see everything, but it is definitely worth it. Ok, the train trip to Machu Picchu isn't that bad. It is a whole day thing and that is really not enough time. The hotel there is expensive, so I only went for a day. I spent a few days (4) in Lima, but the most fun was in Cuzco. I met a lot of people and even an Australian that I got engaged to (didn't work out though). We went for 3 days to Lake Titicaca and stayed in Puno. The stay came with a tour on the lake to see the floating islands and also a hike up a mountain. We did this through a shop in Cuzco. I can't remember the name, but it is a hippy store on the main road with a planet on the sign. The people there are English and they are really nice. While in Cuzco, visit a coffee shop called The Muse. I met a lot of other travellers there and they have great coffee and at night they have bands and drinks. They even had a party for my birthday! Do me one favor though. DO NOT stay at "Backpacker's" or "Mochilleros" (both are the same hostel) in Lima. My friend left her moneybelt in the safe and someone who had access to the safe stole half of it. Also, I contacted too and they said that they would have someone to pick me up from the airport and take me to the hostel. No one was there, so I took a cab. About long-distance travel. There were quite a few bus wrecks while I was there. My parents were freaked out back home. I flew from Lima to Cuzco and back. However, Aeropostal went out of business or something and I lost all the money for that flight and had to buy another ticket though a different airline. I have heard that is a crappy airline so try not to fly on it if you can. Let me know if you need anymore info!!
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