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Default Learning Spanish and having a laugh in Buenos Aires/Costa Rica...???

Hey all!

I'm heading off for a few months travel around south/central america, but I'll be going over for a month or two before my friend I'm travelling with. I wanted to learn some Spanish and was thinking of either doing a course in BA or Costa Rica. I am a total beginner, not a word of Spanish, so want somewhere to get a good grounding in it and also because I'll be on my own just somewhere I can meet loadsa people, experience a different culture and party loads!! Can anyone recommend any spanish schools or courses they might know of for this?? I'm mid-20s and from Ireland if that helps with possible advice-giving on the above also! Any and all suggestions much appreciated-Cheers!!!
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Welcome to the boards!!

If youre looking for a official spanish school then ive heard some great things about GIC

Im not sure how the price differs from an unofficial school but with GIC it seems you get what you pay for.

Central/South America has always been on my list of places to travel, and to learn Spanish. So wouldbe good to hear your stories along the way!

When do you head off?
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For a few basics you can always check out the language section here on travelpunk just to get a warm up.


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Good luck and enjoy your travels!

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Lots of folks on the boards have done spanish language courses in Costa Rica: LostFarmBoy, freespiritz and Diorama, to name a few. It's supposed to be an awesome place to do it. I say contact them with PMs to get some tips, and then do some research and go for it! Also, I wouldn't worry about not speaking any right now. The "immersion" aspect of learning the language on site will make up for any basics you may not arrive with...

Good luck, and feel free to post any specific questions: I'm sure folks who've done it will respond...

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Default learning Spanish in BA

Hi not sure if its too late but if it helps Im studying Spanish with AMAUTA Spanish school in Peru and I have met students who have studied at the same school In Buenos Aires. Its a great school, teachers are a experienced but alsso a good laugh. I came with no Spanish and after the first week ws walking out of the classroom with phrases to use to survive the streets outside!
The best thing is that they organise loads of social activities to get everyone together and also have accomodation at the school or homestay if you want. Basically they can organise everything for you!Im also travelling alone so I know how important it is to meet people and I have met heaps of really great people here as soon as I started school.
If you want to party BA is the place I can give you a few bars cubs etc if you want..
anyway check out there website if you google AMAUTA Spanish school
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