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So I just booked a flight to Argentina, and will be there from 10/24 until 11/3. This will also be my 1st trip to South America & really looking forward to it.

Since I'm going to be there for 10 days, where else I should visit (besides Buenos Aires)? I would prefer doing a city/town tour (Rosario, Cordoba...perhaps over to Montevideo) over an ecological tour (Iguazu Falls, Patagonia). Waterfalls and wildlife are great and all, but not really my thing (more of a "meet the locals" kind of guy).

Also, does anyone have any hostel recommendations for BA? Any & all insights are greatly appreciated!
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10 days isn't such a long time and you really could spend 5 or more in BA alone since it's fabulous and there is a lot to see. Budget permitting and since your time is so short, you probably need to fly anywhere you go w/ the exception of Rosario since that isn't too far away. I'm all about quality over quantity when it comes to picking the number of places to visit, but maybe that's just me.

Montevideo and Colonia in Uruguay are nice places and very easy and fast to get to. I have been to Iguazu Falls, Patagonia (which you say you'd rather leave out) and Mendoza, which is in wine country and nice.

Hmm, I'm kind of rambling. I unfortunately can't recommend a hostel in BA since I never stayed in one. Let me know if you have more specific questions.
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I honestly think that 10 days is barely enough for Buenos Aires, and you'll notice that once you are there. Also once you get a little tired of such a big city its easy to just get a train and go to terrific Tigre in the north to see the "Jungle Venezia" as one of the locals told me it should be called.

If you dont like Buenos Aires a lot, which is not common, try Rosario. It is only four hours away and its a wounderful city, chilled but still with as much things to do as a three times bigger city (despite the fact of the girls that are as cute and nice as the ones in Belo Horizonte or Medellin).

Finally for accomodation just go to and find a hostel with a good general review, because I guess that with more than 40 hostels in Buenos Aires is kind of pretentious to recommend one.

Have lots of fun and hope to have you back in Southamerica for a little longer.

Ps. If possible try to postpone your return flight, really

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Hey!! that is fanstastic!! what made you choose Argentina?
I think your idea of doing Buenos Aires - Rosario - Montevideo is great! It is true that Buenos Aires will take most of your time, it's a really BIG city.... and there're so many things to see. Perhaps Córdoba will take a big chunk off of your time since going there by bus is about 9 hours or so. But they say rosario is really nice... that is one Argentine city I've always wanted to see. It's got great river banks, and it's where our flag was first.... do you say... rised??

dont know why no matter how much I resize a photo they never do... LOL

Going over to Uruguay is a good idea since at most it'll take you 2 hours to Colonia from Buenos Aires. They say Colonia is absolutely gorgeous, and the beach scene in Punta del Este is fantastic... is a bit French-Riviera style... but deffinitely some of the best beaches of the South Cone (not comparing ith Brazil, of course). Even some famous US actors go there when they want to be incognito from the press. It's a bit expencier, but a day there can't hurt. A guy who actually lives in Montevideo told me you can see that city within a day... and then you couuld spend two days in Colonia, and the rest of your trip in Argentina.

Well, keep in mind that you'll be arriving here during the most heated months of the year.... people are more happy, there are better parties, the days last longer and the city vibe is completely diffrent BUT.... you'll be dealing with temperatures between 32ºC and 37ºC.... so bring loads of sunscreen (or you can actually buy it here cheaper) and a cup/hat. Cause it get REALLY HOT down here!!

I have already posted more info on Buenos Aires on other threads, and in case you haven't read them yet check out:

For money matters: here.

For info on what to see in Buenos Aires and some tips.

Any other questions just ask away!! If you got any specific interest I might find something you'll like here.

PS: Hahaha I should totally work at the City Tourist Board!!!
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Sweet deal dude! Go to Mar De Plata! I adore it and uhm Florencia we have figured something out between Court and Thepersonwiththebesthairever (yo), you are actually cute!

With that said yeah dude go to Argentina and the ones inside the country are actually much nicer than the ones outside! (you know what I mean if you know!)
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Great info, thanks!
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