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I am planning to go to Europe for a month in the end of September. I want to go to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Milan or Florence, Venice, Rome, Barcelona and Madrid. Does anyone have any suggestions of how many days I should stay in each city? Or any other advice that can make my trip cheaper, time wisely and fun.
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Well, I like to spend at least 3 days in each city...gives you a chance to unpack, get used to the rhythmn of the area, and even feel like a local by the third day!

Not sure how much there is to see and do in Milan, and I'm not a fan of Paris, either. However, the others could easily take 3 days each, many more than that. Plus they are different styles of cities, too. For example, Venice is an "experience" city, where just kicking back and enjoying the feel and look of the place is more important than checking off highlights or sights, like in say, Rome.

Madrid, on the other hand, is in a great location with possibilities of numerous day trips to other cool cities. While there, I took the train to Toledo and Segovia (my favorite Spanish town). The actual sights of Madrid itself can likely be done in a day, but the convenience of being in a transport hub and the ability to unpack your bags and just head off each day with a camera bag and guidebook is unbeatable.

My best advice would be to read up a little on each city and see what strikes you. I'd be leery of scheduling less than 3 days per city, except the ones noted above.

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The three nights idea is a good one (thats what I usually do). It all depends on what your interests are. Do you like partying? If so, you might want to spend more time in Amsterdam and Madrid. Do you like art museums and famous sites? Then you would want to spend some extra time in Paris and Rome.

Of the cities you listed, the only ones that you might want to cut down to two days anyway are Florence, Venice, and Milan. Milan is more of a business town and I don't believe it offers too much that would not be spent better in another city. Venice and Florence are nice, but not too big and more of "experience towns" like Mike said.

Since price does worry you, be careful about London and Paris. Both are very expensive, while the other cities are reasonably priced.
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So maybe I'll cut out Milan. Go to Venice for two days and Florence for one.
And MAYBE cut Amsterdam down to 3 (I hope I don't regret that).
And cut MAdrid down to 3 and Barcelona to 2.
My original schedule was:
London 5
Amsterdam 4
Paris 5
Milan 1
Venice 1
Rome 4
Barcelona 1
Madrid 4

I really don't have any specific interests when I go there either. I'm not too much into art, and don't really want to party. I kind of just want to land, experience some totally new places, interact with locals, and feel the cities. What cities are the most amazing?
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add a couple of days to barcelona, head to Sitges beach and have some paella.
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