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Red face 3 months in Europe for first-timer, in the fall

Hi everyone. Could you please comment on my rough itinerary? I am a 30yo male travelling to Europe for the first time, alone with just my backpack. I am starting in Naples as I have friends there. I have a 3month consecutive day railpass and will be travelling by train unless I meet someone with a car, intend when not with friends to sleep in hostels or B&Bs, which I am hoping to reserve just days in advance (not the busy season right?), and plan to use “homebases” for 2-5 days at a time for city or day trip exploration. I planned the trip to generally travel northern Europe first and end in the hopefully morelikeable Italian weather in November and December. Should I be worried about anything being closed this time of year? My plans are flexible, I may move on earlier/later than planned depending on how I like the location. I didn’t even want this degree of planning but all advice I’ve received said I should! Obviously, around Day 50 my plans are less certain as by then I may want to fly/train to Naples and visit my American friends, and if I don’t around Day 50, I will for around Day 69-Thanksgiving! Oh, and I will take an extra suitcase to leave in Naples with friends for me to take back all the things I’ll accumulate along the way (may ship to them along the way rather than carry). I’ve got various guidebooks on the way for further detail to be determined. I may well add Spain if I meet interesting people headed to there.

The only thing that’s causing a slight loss of sleep is this. I’ve never done anything like this backpacking adventure and am I getting in to deep right away by going to Prague the first trip without friends? I mean, of all the locations, it may be the most “culturally unknown” to me- what have been everyone’s observations? A part of me just does want to do it because it makes geographical sense and I figure if I can handle that, the rest should be easier?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Day 1 Sept 19 – Naples
Day 2 – Naples
Day 3 – Naples
Day 4 – Naples
Day 5 – Naples, flight with friends to Munich (rooms arranged)
Day 6 – Munich - day trip to Castle Neu. or Dachau
Day 7 Fri Sept 25 – Munich – day trip to Castle Neu. or Dachau (or Oktoberfest)
Day 8 – Munich (Oktoberfest)
Day 9 – Munich (Oktoberfest), (friends to Naples) me couchette to Prague
Day 10 – Prague
Day 11 – Prague
Day 12 – Prague
Day 13 – Vienna
Day 14 – Vienna
Day 15 – Hallstatt
Day 16 – Salzburg
Day 17 – Salzburg
Day 18 – Fussen or Reutte
Day 19 – Romantic Road
Day 20 – Romantic Road
Day 21 – Rothenburg
Day 22 – Rothenburg
Day 23 – Frankfurt?
Day 24 – Koln?
Day 25 – Amsterdam
Day 26 – Amsterdam
Day 27 – Amsterdam
Day 28 - Amsterdam
Day 29 – Brussels, or may stay in Bruges, but need to take train from Brussels to London
Day 30 – Brussels
Day 31 – London
Day 32 – London
Day 33 – London (day trip to Windsor Castle)
Day 34 – London
Day 35 – London
Day 36 – Paris
Day 37 – Paris
Day 38 – Paris (day trip to Versailles)
Day 39 – Paris
Day 40 – Paris
Day 41 – Chamonix
Day 42 - Chamonix
Day 43 – Geneva?
Day 44 – Geneva?
Day 45 – Bern?
Day 46 – Interlaken
Day 47 – Berner-Oberland
Day 48 – Berner-Oberland
Day 49 – Berner-Oberland
Day 50 – Milan, begin Italy excursion
Day 50-84 November 7- December 11 Generally, Milan-Varenna-Bolzano-Venice-Florence-Cinque Terre-Sienna-Assissi-Rome-Sorrento-Amalfi Coast-Naples-
Day 86 – USA
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Welcome to Tpunk!

My only advice is skip Brussels and do Brugge. Just about everyone else here says the same thing too.

I don't think what you are doing is too crazy or anything. Dive in. If you are worried, just do more research. Use the search function here too.

Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary FALL 2012!!!
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I think that sounds like a really good plan you have laid out and you still have room for flexibility. Just so you know I wasn't very impressed by Windsor castle and much preferred the Tower of London, it is more convenient and I think it has a far more interesting history. Versailles on the other hand is a fantastic day trip and really you could probubly spend a week there if you wanted to; if you happen to get hungry and if you are following the signs from the metro station to the palace there is a fantastic bakery on the left side of the road about 100 metres from the front gate. Just thinking of that bakery makes me want to fly to Paris right now.

Have a great trip! You will love every minute of it!
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Your itinerary looks pretty good. I noticed some places where you are alotting two days. This is not a good idea because you will find you get burned out moving around a lot.

Don't worry so much about a plan or geography! Thats why you bought a flexible pass Think about the things or cities you really want to see - that should determine your route. OK yeah the first timer wants to see it all (myself was included in this category) but you gotta prioritize! Talk to people in the hostel. They will tell you about some cool places they have been and you prob will want to go as well.

Prague is a great place to start out. If you stay in the Old Town, you'll in fact find more American, Brit, Italian, German, Spanish, etc culture, rather than Czech. I've heard Olomouc is a great place in Czech R, more relaxed than Prague.

I also beg you to see BUDAPEST. I just completed a study abroad there. It is the most amazing, gorgeous, lovely, beautiful city. It has such friendly people, loads of sightseeing, great food, nightlife, everything you could ever want from a city. Top it off they have amazing thermal baths which I guarantee you will spend the whole day at!!!
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Bah! I thought I had sorted all the places I wanted to go for my trip, then I start googling a few of the places you've listed which I'd never heard of, and they look amazing! Now what am I going to do? Thanks a lot, ren8f4l, thanks a lot!

On a serious note, your itinerary looks really good, I also approve of the whole Europe in Autumn start north head south type of thingimy. Although it can get cold quite quickly once the sun goes down at the end of the day.

Agree with Liz's comments about the 2 days stuff, days 13-24 are looking quite packed really, are some of those daytrips?

Make sure you pack your umbrella/raincoat for London!
Where I've been: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, USA (Georgia, Florida, North Carolina)
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Default Me too!!! 90 Days European Fall Travel

Hi there! I'm also making final plans to go to Europe next month. I'm starting in Rome only because I'm meeting a friend there to go up to Umbria where his parents owns a Villa. We plan on staying up there for 3 days and then fly to Greece for a few days. He's going to head back to the US but I'll continue on the trip until January 13, 2010. I have similar itinerary. Although, starting North sounds like a great idea. I may steal that idea from you. :-)
Let me know if you want to exchange information. Maybe we can meet up there.

Otherwise, have a safe trip and enjoy!
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Hi Soulsearchin,

Welcome to TravelPunk!

Why don't you start a thread and tell us a bit more about your travels?
Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary FALL 2012!!!
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