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Default Itinerary;; Europe 2009 -go #2-

WHAT!?! Iím letting go of all the Ďwhat ifsí, the ĎI canítsí, and Ďbut I have toosí, to finally do something Iíve been dreaming about since middle school. Backpacking has been an adventure Iíve wanted to partake, and now that Iím in a voided zone of my life I figure now is the best time to accomplish it.

WHEN!?! This time roughly next year, that being June of 2009. As to how long, until the end of September; unless of course something happens and the trip is shortened.

WHERE!?! Europeís high season.

WHY!?! Like I said, Iím in a voided zone. Iím a twenty year old girl still not at all sure as to what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Having graduated high school with honours and merit grades, its not that I canít get into a post-secondary institution, itís the fact that I donít want to go into something, blow thousands of dollars only to find out halfway through that this is something I donít actually want. Plus, like hello, I spent twelve years of my life in school already, why on earth do I want to go back so soon?

Questions ::
.1. What do you think of my itinerary?
I know Iím going at the busiest time of year, and Iím prepared for that. My itinerary is done up in the order for which I will be travelling, now is there possibly a better sort of combination for going about my travels or does it look half decent? Keeping in mind that as this is going to be major culture shock, Iíd much rather start in the UK and Ireland due to the fact Iíll probably be more comfortable.

.2. What are your Hostel suggestions?
For the places I'm stay, can you suggest anything decent? I know that a lot of things can change within a year, so what one person says in a review could be the complete opposite of what another says. Also, if there are suggestions that arenít necessarily within the city but outside of it, let me know anyway!

Note ::
Compared to my last itinerary post, Iíve left major travelling in Western Europe out as I figured Iíd do that for 2011. More of France, Spain and the Ďforgottení Portugal is reserved for 2010 cause my cousin will be out of school and would like to go. There are a few places which Iím only staying a few days because Iím not sure if I want to add them to something else, the single days are pretty much bunk travel days.

Itinerary;; Europe 2009


June 3/June 4 :: depart Edmonton, Canada/arrive London, England

June 4 to June 7 :: London, England

June 8 to June 10 :: Edinburgh, Scotland

June 11 to June 13 :: Inverness, Scotland

June 14 to June 16 :: Glasgow, Scotland

June 17 :: Chester, England

Morning of June 18, head from Chester to Holyhead, Wales to catch a ferry over to Dublin. Estimated sea time is two hours.

June 18 to June 21 :: Dublin, Ireland

June 22 to June 24 :: Galaway, Ireland

June 25 to June 27 :: Cork, Ireland

June 28 :: Wexford

Morning of June 29, head into Rosslare to catch a ferry over to Pembroke. Estimated time of sea time is four hours. Then make way for Cardiff.

June 29 to August 1 :: Cardiff, Wales

August 2 to August 4 :: Bath, England

Morning of August 5, make way to Portsmouth. Catch night cruise over to Caen. Estimated sea time is eight hours.

August 6 to August 10 :: Paris, France

August 11 to August 12 :: Bordeaux, France

August 13 to August 17 :: Madrid, Spain

August 18 to August 20 :: Barcelona, Spain

August 21 to August 22 :: Marseille, France

August 23 to August 24 :: Lyon, France

August 25 to August 27:: Interlaken , Switzerland

August 28 to August 30 :: Zurich, Switzerland

August 31 to September 1 :: Venice, Italy

September 2 to September 3 :: Milan

September 4 to September 5 :: Florence

September 6 to September 9 :: Rome

September 10, be in Bari in the morning to catch cruise over to Patra, Greece. Seventeen hour ferry ride.

September 11 to September 13 :: Nafplio, Greece

September 14 to September 16 :: Athens

September 17 :: Meteora and Kalambaka

September 18 and September 19 :: Thessaloniki

September 20 to September 22 :: Sofia, Bulgaria

September 23 to September 25 :: Bucharest, Romania

Night of the 25, take night train over to Hungary

September 26 to September 28 :: Budapest, Hungary

September 29 to October 5 :: ?? Austria

October 6 to October 8 :: Munich, Germany

October 9 to October 11 :: Prague, Czech Republic

October 12 to October 14 :: Berlin, Germany

October 15 to October 17 :: Hamburg, Germany

October 18 to October 20 :: Frankfurt, Germany

October 21 to October 23 :: The Netherlands

October 24 to October 26 :: Belgium

Have to be in London for the 29 to catch flight back home.

Europe 2009 ::Whirlwind
  • Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.
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although you've probably already been welcomed to the boards, I'll do it again: WELCOME TO THE BOARDS!!!!

Quite an ambitious schedule you got there.. it looks good and makes geographical sense.

The only thing I would say is that maybe you should consider giving some cities more time... for instance, I see you have 2 days for barcelona... anyone whose been there will tell you, you need at least 3-4 days to really get a flavour for the city.

Remember, most travel, more money and more exhaustion... it may be best to drop like 3-4 cities and just add an extra day to the big ones.

Also, with a trip as long as yours, you might want to build in some flexibility... I think by the time you reach athens, you'll be so tired you'll just want to sit down and chill for a few days! And if you're in athens... I would say hit up some of the greek islands... they are just beautiful!

Another thing to think about is to orient your schedule around really cool-ass fesitvals that are taking place... like running of the bulls in pamplona... which is a crazy ass time.

For hostels, the best site I found is - they have a good review system. In Athens I stayed at Pella Inn... it was a nice view, close to acropolis, although a tad expensive.
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Thanks Canadian, Iím glad to be part of the boards!

Giving cities more time is definitely something I can do, as I just realized my dating is miss like a full bloody freaking month! Iím also capable of dropping a few cities like you have suggested. Because Iím thinking of dropping Spain all together as Iíll be there the following year with my cousin Ė save for Pamplona, if I can swing it I will be there for that bull running!

And thanks for the site link, havenít checked that one out yet.


Europe 2009 ::Whirlwind
  • Britain, Ireland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.
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