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Post Your Itinerary Need help in planning, sorting, adding, and subtracting to your itinerary?
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Hey All!! Just wanted to see what everyone thinks of my itinerary. I'm thinking i'll need some help from ya guys. I need to find a way to get from Berlin to Spain for the Running of the Bulls. Berlin has that Love Parade July 10 that i really want to check out and i really want to see the Running of the Bulls in spain, any suggestions will be helpful. Oh ya i've decided to do a Contiki tour when i first arrive. London to Athens then i'm on my own after that.

14-May Depart Canada to London
15-May London Contiki Tour
5-Jun Athens Contiki Tour Ends
6-Jun Athens
7-Jun Athens to Santorini
8-Jun Santorini
9-Jun Santorini
10-Jun Santorini to Paros
11-Jun Paros
12-Jun Paros
13-Jun Paros to Mykonos
14-Jun Mykonos
15-Jun Mykonos
16-Jun Mykonos to Athens
17-Jun Athens to Corfu
18-Jun Corfu
19-Jun Corfu to Venice
20-Jun Venice to Pula Croatia
21-Jun Split
22-Jun Dubrovinik
23-Jun Plitvice Lakes
24-Jun Zagreb
25-Jun Zagreb to Vienna
26-Jun Vienna
27-Jun Vienna to Prague
28-Jun Prague
29-Jun Prague to Munich
30-Jun Munich
1-Jul Munich
2-Jul Amsterdam
3-Jul Amsterdam
4-Jul Hamburg
5-Jul Hamburg
6-Jul Hanover
7-Jul Wolfsburg
8-Jul Berlin
9-Jul Berlin
10-Jul Berlin
11-Jul Berlin to Spain
12-Jul Running of the Bulls
13-Jul Running of the Bulls
14-Jul Running of the Bulls
15-Jul San Sebastain, Spain
16-Jul San Sebastain, Spain
17-Jul San Sebastain, Spain
18-Jul Dunno yet??
19-Jul Dunno yet??
20-Jul Dunno yet??
21-Jul Fly Home from somewhere.
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Wow, pretty detailed itinerary. From the zipping about midway through it, I assume you have a rail pass...or are you just planning on buying tickets when you need them?

Whatcha got going on in Amsterdam that you inserted it in the midst of a bunch of Germany? That seemed to be the only strange thing I saw. I like how you're giving yourself three days in lots of places. That's good. I like to do that, too. Unpack, get to know a place, feel like a local (heck, you can even find a laundromat in that time).

Oh, and let us know how Croatia turns out -- I've had my eye on going there for awhile...

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for your "i dunno yet" days at the end... perhaps check out Santander, Spain. Gorgeous beach town. On the way there you can stop to see the Guggenheim in Bilbao.
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why 3 days each in the small greek islands but only 2 in places like Prague and Vienna? I would say trim those down by a day each and then add those days to some other cities for day trips like Dachau, or some castle viewing in Germany. Whadaya think? Of course it also depends on what your contiki tour covers.
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