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Post Your Itinerary Need help in planning, sorting, adding, and subtracting to your itinerary?
Post it here and see how the Tpunks would do it! See Europe by train
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I will be going to Europe next May for the first time and I think I have an agenda set for a 2 week trip but I would like some feedback on if its too fast and we should drop a city. Here goes...

Day 1 - leave the states and arrive in Munich
Day 2 and 3 - travel around Frankfurt and other cities in the area
Day 4 - fly to Rome and see some sites
Day 5 and 6 - travel to Cortona for a friend's wedding and site-seeing
Day 7 - back to Rome and then on to Paris
Day 8 and 9 - site-seeing in Paris
Day 10 - fly/rail to amsterdam
Day 11 and 12 - site-seeing in Amsterdam
Day 13 - fly back to the states

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How long do you have in Rome?? I would recommend spending a bit more time here if at all possible.
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holy crap dude, that's a pretty intense schedule. Here's what i reckon would work well:

1 - 4: Rome
5 - 6: Cortona
7 - 10: Paris
11 - 13: Amsterdam

Or something like that.

Rome and Paris are big places with shite loads to see.
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I'm flying into Frankfurt b/c I hear that's the cheapest place to flu into in Europe, but if other places are comparable I'm flexible with that. I'm going with my GF or else I wouldn't be going to Paris and prob spend more time in Rome.

the only thing I have to do while I'm there is be at the wedding - everything else is flexible.

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Frankfurt might be the cheapest place to fly into, but the city isnt really much to look at, and there isnt much to do there. If you want to spend some time in Germany got out of Frankfurt to one of the cities nearby which are much nicer, like Trier or something.

Id definitely concentrate on 4 cities during your time like someone suggested, otherwise you would be rushing too much and not really get to appreciate it
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Frankfurt isn't much, I would say spend it in Munchen instead and then go to Frankfurt for your flight. Since you're going to Cortona for a wedding, that stays in the plan. But you're jumping all over the continent, try staying in general area. The train ride for Nuernberg to Amsterdam was 7 hours, and that was the faster ICE train with one switch. A trin ride from Rome to Paris would be really long only to spend two days there. And then Amsterdam from Paris would be another day worth of travel by train and expensive as hell by plane. Maybe go to rome and then doing Italy, not just a whirlwid tour of cities.
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Lots of things:
For your first international flight, you are going to feel it the day of your arrival. See what you can, but expect to be fuckin wiped out.
I would also spend more time in Rome. Don't believe the hype about Frankfurt being cheaper to fly into. If you do your research, you can find amazing deals to many places throughout Europe. Also the Thalys train from Paris to A-Dam is quick 4 hours, stopping in Brussels and Rotterdam. You must have a reservation for that train so be prepared. Sounds like you have a good idea as to what you want to do and see, but I would play with the timing a little, theres a lot of travel time in your plan.
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