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anyone out there made the trip to NYC for new years? i'm thinking about going this coming year, since it seems like a good time and my girlfriend will finally be 21 :-D.

anyway, has anyone done this? where did u stay? did u end up spending way more than you expected? how far in advance did u book? is it a good time or just a disaster with too many people?

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A friend of mine went with her husband some years back. They aren't budget travelers, so they stayed at some fancy hotel. She didn't talk much about the money aspect, but I can imagine it's pretty easy to spend a ton, if you try - but surely all the delis and stuff are still open so you can probably get a cheaper meal than at some snazzy restaurant. She did say that the crowds got to be pretty overwhelming, and they may even have left before midnight, as she didn't enjoy the whole mob scene.

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I'm toying with the idea of going to NYC for new years this year too. Or hogmanny. Or cuba. Or paris. Decisions decisions.
My advice would be that the second you have an inkling that you want to do this you should book your hostel and your plane. Two years ago my best friend jeanna and I were going to go to New York, but by september airfares had skyrocketed and it was way cheaper to go to London. So we did. And I can imagine that the hostels would fill up VERY quickly.
If I go this year, I'd probably stay with my boyfriend's family. Thats always handy, if you can manage to sleep on cousin so and so's floor. I dont think there'd be a whole lot of sleeping anyway.
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I've done New Year's in Montreal and Quebec City a few times. It was freezing but fun! We definately had a tight budget and I made a tiny dump of a hotel my base of operations, so I think it's close enough to a hostel. I remember that we looked for a better place but everything was booked like 4 months in advance. The New Year's athmosphere definately was worth it and I think NYC would be an amazing destination for that, but I would reccomend to book earlt if you really want to go.
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I've never stayed on the island for NYE but I'm guessing all places fill up quickly. I can't remember if they extend transport hours on NYE or not...I know car parking prices triple (at the least).

I'd say if you booked in October or November you'd be safe but I'm not sure...maybe email one of the hostels and ask how far in advance you should book.

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i went to ny for 2 weeks before xmas 2005, almost everywhere was booked up then which isn't good for people with bad organisation like meself. chelsea international had rooms still though and it seemed dead friendly.
Edinburgh's the best place for NYE i reckon.
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