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I am looking for any info on travelling to Iran. Has anybody on this board been? What are the visa requirements? From which country did you enter? Ect etc. Any help woulde be appreciated.

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i haven't, but i would love to.

i'm not sure, but i don't even think mike's been to iran??? has he?
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My family are from Iran (so are Omi's) I dont know about him but because my Dad renounced his dual citizenship Im finding it really hard to get a visa (this might be because im a girl!) I also think it depends on what country you are from when obtaining the visa as well
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Nope, I haven't been to Iran, though I'd love to go. I mean, heck, Ancient Persia...think there'd be some awesome ruins there?

My suggestions for flights there would be to pick a European carrier you can get a good deal on to their hub, then make sure they fly to Tehran. A quickie check found that Lufthansa, the German national carrier flies to Tehran, as does KLM, the Dutch one. If you can't find a cheap ticket booking you from your home to Tehran, see if you can find a deal doing them as separate bookings. Find an ultra-discounted flight to Amsterdam or Frankfort, then get the best deal you can to Tehran...

Just leave ample time for connections between your flights, as it sucks to miss an international one because of delays in your originating city. So many travel agents and passengers schedule tight connections to their international flight. I say schedule yourself in AT LEAST about 4 hours early. You never know what's going to, mechanical delays, etc.

That said, keep us posted on what you find out. I wanna go there, too...

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here a post from a few days ago on lonley planet that has some good news.
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Totally depends on your nationality, as far as the Visa thing goes, but they're quite acommodating, if a bit slow. If you're going from the US, they have no diplomatic ties here, so you have to get in touch with the Pakistani embassy in Washington and ask for the Iranian Interests Section.

As far as getting there goes, KLM is usually the cheapest, and as Mike mentioned, Lufthansa flies to Tehran. British Airways and Air France also offer flights, and Iran Air has flights via most European countries.

If you're crossing overland, it's recommended to do it from Turkey, as the other options like Iraq and Afghanistan aren't so appealing at this point in time It's also a pretty common route for people heading in from Europe.
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