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Mexico Cancun, enchiladas, Tiajuana, Aztecas, Mayans, and chupacabras... See Europe by train
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Just joined the forum, looking for some tips. It's my final semester of uni and we're looking at some cheap flights for spring break, on the table is NYC, and Mexico City. The others in my group are leaning towards Mexico because its cold and rainy here...

So we're thinking of bussing out of Mexico City to acapulco to stay at a hostel there, or the romano hotel-apparently a good place to stumble home from the bars to.... recommendations on the area, or other hostels, hotels? Anything to do in Acapulco or is it fairly touristy? I can only bake on a beach for so long...

I've read posts about San Cristobal, which I believe is near Oaxaca, right? So I'd like to bus down there to check that out, then back north to the flight out. This part of the trip will probably be solo, after about 4 days in acapulco, leaving four or five before the flight.

All I know of are San Cristobal and the ruins outside Mexico City. I'm looking for any other suggestions on things to see....ruins, taste of local culture, music, outdoor stuff, accessible by bus in the M City/Acapulco/San Cristobal area. Any suggestions will be immensely appreciated because this is fairly last minute (decided 30 min ago) and I figure a little guidance you gurus would help my planning.


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You've chosen a good country to go to dude, Mexico is a blast!!

Mexico City is OK, but nothing too spectacular. They have an excellent metro system so it's easy to get around, and the nightlife is ok. But it can be dangerous if you happen to walk through the wrong area of town. The ruins outside of the city (Teotihuacan) are awsome.

I didn't like Acapulco at all, but if you're going just to party it up for spring break it would do just fine, the nightlife there is supposed to be some of the best. It is very very toursity though. But, while it is a very touristy city, poverty and hatred of Americans still certainly exists on the outskirts of town, so make sure you stay in the town centre.

San Cristobel is about a 10 - 15 hr bus ride from Oaxaca. San Cristobel was pretty cool, it's a more traditional town of Mexico, and there are some cool things to do around the town. You can visit a traditional church with a pine needle floor where they kill chickens in an attempt to keep diseases and illness away from the people. And there is a big canyon you can go and see too, which is supposed to be pretty cool.

I would highly recommend going to Puerto Escondido. It's on the south coast of Mexico, about 9 hrs east of Acapulco. It is a cool lazy surfing town with friendly locals and some of the best surfing you will ever see, it's one of my favorite places in the world.

Also, Palenque isn't too far from San Cristobel, just a few hours bus ride east. It has some of the best ruins in the world and you really shouldn't miss them if you're going to be that close.

Hope this helps
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Awesome thanks for the suggestions...booked and paid my tickets today, and I'm getting excited...maybe partially cuz i'm a little drunk now, but anyhow, there's 5 of us confirmed to go, at least 2 maybe 3 of us that want to leave acapulco to see some real stuff....unfortunately these cheap flights include lengthy layovers that cut our mexico time down to about 5 days. I gotta look into bus schedules regarding night buses and such that'll make sightseeing possible. Worse comes to worse this might limit me to taxco by acapulco and maybe oaxaco. Definately will check out ruins near mexico city, thats easy. I'd fucking LOVE to go see San Cristobal I was talking to a dude in the lineup at travelcuts about it...but there won't likely be time. Maybe another of my future wishlist trips is to drive a motorcycle from mexico to panama...dunno if thats possible, but how cool would that be.

Puerto Escondido, if I can get a night bus from acapulco down there, keeps me near the rest of the crew, so that may be my best bet for this trip. If you have any specific recommendations for hostels/restaurants/surf shops there, I'd like to focus on that. Thanks dude.
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