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Mexico Cancun, enchiladas, Tiajuana, Aztecas, Mayans, and chupacabras... See Europe by train
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Will be traveling for 2 months around Mexico. I speak some Spanish so that should make it easier. But I'm lost for destinations. Suggestions for places to visit where other backpackers hangout?

Thanks for the help,

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Cuernavaca. 90 minutes outside of Mexico City. If you see a 6 ft tall gringo with a gray beard that doesn't stop talking about endless bullshit (the type that if you tell him to change a lightbulb he tells you how to build a lamp), tell him his favorite nephew said "hi!" :D
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If you go to Merida, Mexico, there are a ton of Mayan ruins in the area. I don't know the bus particulars, but if you could get together with a few others and rent a car, you could have 3-4 days easily of seeing some amazing ancient ruins...

Other than that, I've heard the "Copper Canyon" is cool, but haven't been there myself...

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Ahhh Mexico, one of my favorite countries. Ok, here's a few cool places to go

Mexico City - check out Teotihuacan, the ruins just outside the city....very cool. And it's just a cool city to walk around, very different to home

Puerto Escondido - This place would be in my top 3 favorite places in the world. It's a lazy little surfing town on the south coast of Mexico. It's the home of the Mexican Pipeline, so you will get to see some awsome surfing. The locals are friendly, the pubs are cool, and it's pretty popular with backpackers.....but not too popular. Stay in the Mayflower hostel, it was great.

San Cristobel - cool town, more traditional, has some excellent markets. You can go and see some big canyon that is nearby, i didn't do it but they guys i was travelling with said it was awsome. Also, you can go to the surrounding villages that are very traditional, it's a very cool experience apparently, but again i didn't do it, i needed a break from sights eeing while i was there

Palenque - Some of the best ruins you will see anywhere in the world, they are absolutely awsome. They're right in the middle of the jungle, so you can hear the monkeys screaming all around you, it's quite an experience.

Tulum - the most beautiful coastline i have ever seen in my life. White powder sands, crystal clear turquoise waters, little reefs packed full of fish, it's just spectacular. You stay in little huts right on the beach, it was wicked.

Oaxaca - didn't go there but heard some pretty good things about it from people i met. It's a traditional little town with excellent markets.

Cancun - didn't go here either, but everyone knows all about it, wanna party - go to Cancun

If you can, you should dip down into Gautamala, there's some awsome things to see there.
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