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Conversation Between marc873 and ride_natty_ride
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  1. ride_natty_ride
    05-15-2010 02:36 PM
    quick question (that i was pondering the other day) - did u have a phone last time you were down there? how does that work? i just want a way for my parents to hear my voice every now and then, as well as talk to a girl i love, dunno if a 'local' phone i buy down there would work? or roaming charges, blah blah all that jazz. i'm sure i'll figure it out...
    what's your last name (creepy, yah!) so i can find you on facebook? i'd love to see some mo' pics!
  2. ride_natty_ride
    05-15-2010 02:36 PM
    hehe hey marc! no worries about the delay, life has cont'd even so just read your thread in its entirety, and DAMN! you had some kick-ass experiences, mah brutha! i loved the whole 'too gringo' business in re. to CR - i can imagine there's TONS of tourists there, and after being in a primarily native place like 'nica'... yah, white ppl get super annoying. i gather you're in... charlotte? maybe? i lived in asheville on and off for a couple years... at least NC weather beats MI weather, any day o' da week.
    it'd be super bad-ass to meet up witchya; i'd love a tour guide of sorts that i could kick it with - of course, hopefully i'll be meeting some ppl anyways, but... we'll see what happens, yah? i'm leaving around the 4th o' july - independence day it is!
  3. marc873
    05-14-2010 02:19 PM
    You will love Chichen Itza and Tulum, def worth the visit!!! And if you have the time def spend 4-5 days seeing Tikal, base yourself in Flores....
    Glad to hear that you have those other places on your list in Guat!!! I plan on spending a lot of time jumping over to Guat from Honduras while living there!!! Im departing June 4th, finally!!!!! Ive been back in the states for too damn long now, jajaja.. Keep in touch, and maybe whilst you are in the area, we can plan a meetup and have a beer or 20... jajajaja.
  4. marc873
    05-14-2010 02:19 PM
    Hey, well, if you read my Marc873 on the move thread in the departures cat. you will get an idea as to why I left etc... I spent the first 2 months or so traveling, and then ran out of money and got a job at a spa in Granada... Ive been a massage therapist for 10 yrs, so I just slid right into my profession, and got lucky that Granada was a gringo enough city that there was a nice spa and enough tourists to keep me busy!!!
    Sorry for the delay on this, I didnt even see that I had a message... It usually shows up in my email......
  5. ride_natty_ride
    05-07-2010 12:37 PM
    i'm not *too* concerned with budget, really - i don't drink all that much.. and having lived in a tent before, as well as loving the thrill of finding safe spots to (freely!) crash out, generally don't spend all that much on 'sleeping arrangements' unless necessary - beaches are GREAT places to fall asleep
    hehe mmm big, beautiful, crazy world we live in, eh?

    namaste, blessed b,
    ~ melissA
  6. ride_natty_ride
    05-07-2010 12:37 PM
    hey, thanx, marc! what did you do while you were in nicaragua? did you just kick it, or were you working/volunteering?
    yah... i have very little desire to go to cancun - will probably fly into merida, check out chichen itza and tulum (the whole 'mayan thing' is what originally got me intrigued with this area; i have at least 5 sites that i would like to visit. most everything else you've listed i definitely have on my 'to do' list... lake atitlan, semuc champey, the markets at chichicastenango (or something like that?), and antigua. i would love to be in jungles/rainforests - you have any recommendations for natl parks in belize/guat?

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