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the camping hostels in venice seem pretty far out. they are significantly cheaper but i was wondering what the transportation situation to and from them is. i have seen that you can take a bus or a boat to alot of them, however, does anyone have any experience?

how late to the shuttle buses and/or ferries run?
do u think its worth it to spend some extra money and be in venice?
is it worth it to give up your night in venice to save money on the camp site?
how early do the shuttles start running? (i have an early flight out of treviso)

any advice on these places is appreciated.

it will be the last stop on my journey that i get to spend with my girlfriend. after venice she heads for rome to paint pictures and do what artists do and i head east to explore the wonders of eastern euorpe and russia.
so i was planning on getting a double room so we could have 2 or 3 nights together in a romantic city. i was just wondering if staying at one of the camp sites would ruin the whole experience of being in venice with a girlfriend.


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The camping locations wont ruin your venice experience. It wont be the ideal experience but its not liek your stuck in the woods. They have pools, hot tubs, outside bars, restraunts, inside bars, interent rooms, and so on. The buses run farily often but i dont think they ran into the night. There are tones of people there and you can fun but it isnt Venice. THe bus ride picks you up at venice. Then the first ride from the campground to venice is free but after that they were going to charge us like 3 bucks a ride. The place was great with great accomedations but it didnt feel like Venice. IT was a good 15 minute drive away from the city.

You can defintly have a great time if you styaed at a camp ground that looks good on the websites but i would suggest staying in Venice. If it is the last night and its with your girlfiriend then you will most certainly enjoy a place in Venice much much more.

I stayed at Plus Albo'Doro campground. Great place if you decide to stay there.
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If you can manage the finances, I'd really recommend staying at least one night in Venice itself. For me, the best time to experience the city was late at night, after all the tourists had gone home and early, early in the morning. The city is positively magical when it's not swarming with tourists, and what with your girlfriend being an artist, the light will blow her away. Or, you can do the ultimately romantic thing, and stay up all night - no accommodations costs, and what an experience to look back on. Just get a bottle of wine, a loaf of bread and some chocolate and wander for a bit, then hang out in St. Mark's Square to watch the sun rise. Sigh.

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I stayed in a camping ground just outside Venice, can't remember the name, but it was perfect for me. Sure, it wasn't actually in Venice, but i was happy just walking around Venice during the day then going back to the camping ground and partying at the little pub they had at night. Plus, the camping ground was right on the water so it was only a short walk to the boat for a ride across to the city.

As for actually staying in Venice for you and your girlfriend's last night together, well, you can't really beat that.
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