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I will be visiting New Zealand for approx 14 days (could be a little more or less depending on what I decide, my options are pretty flexible) at the end of Janurary through the middle of February.

My question pertains to hostel booking and transportation around the country. I have done plenty of research on both. I am planning on flying into Auckland and out of Christchurch. I'm not too keen on a travel-tour bus or anything like that, I was looking to just sort of go with the flow and figure out where I want to go on the fly. I just feel like it would be too hard to stick to a strict itinerary. I am looking at booking a hostel in Auckland for a couple nights and then just heading out. I know it is the busy season so I am worried about not being able to find space in hostels throughout the country because I really won't be able to book ahead because I don't know where I'll be and when. I was also just looking at taking a bus from destination to destination rather than buying a pass. I just wanted to get some input from others and see if my ideas sound good and what to do about hostel booking.
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Hey jefflong3323!

I am like you, not knowing where you'll be from day to day, and yes it does create a bit of a problem when booking hostels..but know this, that you can book hostels like1 or 2 days before you get somewhere, use the TravelPunk Hostel Booking ( Shamless Plug) and check for availablility when you do know where your going.

As for the bus it alot of money??? Does it gurantee you a seat??? Are there any time or date restrictions??? These are all the things you gotta look for, I have heard that NZ is a great place to meet trav'las whop have rented or bought cars
( I have no firm prove of this) so you may hook up with people like that for a couple of days here or there, which would make you not need the bus pass. I guess if its not alot of $$$ then go for it, for secutiry sake, and if they have night buses then you might be able to crash on a few at night instead of paying for a hostel. There are ups and downs for sure...but go with your gut.
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