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Default Greece, Madrid, Barcelona, Southern France

Hey Everyone,
July-August I'll be traveling between Greece and Spain, as well as along the southern coast of France.

Any specific must-see cities would appriciated, but mostly I need to know good places to stay!

Preferences are no lock out, I try not to sleep much when traveling haha so any fun party atmosphere is preferred!

Thanks a bunch, tell me crazy stories of these countries, I know very very little about them!

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In Barcelona, I stayed at Centric Point was in a REALLY good location and the bartender was amazing

In Nice, I stayed at Hotel Baccarat. It was decent.

Barcelona is definitely a major party place and you will LOVE it. Madrid is supposedly a huge party city, but I didn't get that impression, but it could have just been the time that I was there. I hear Cat's Hostel or Amigo Hostel or Mad Hostel are the best places to stay there.
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Ios Greece -
Corfu Greece -

Both of these places are supposed to be serious party hostels.
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Oh Madrid IS a major party city, even more so than Barcelona...but you gotta go during a festival or special event. The block parties are simply massive. I would recommend Los Amigos Opera... my favorite hostel. This was the onlly hostel in my entire trip that I stayed in an entire day, talking to people in the hostel.

Barcelona - i stayed at Alberg Palau (a hostel in the Gothic Quarter), it was one of the best hotels I stayed at... it was clean, very unique, and cozy, i met great people that I still keep in touch with today!

WHen in Barcelona, you gotta up hit up the 300 shot bar aka. Espitit Chupitos (i think). Order the Vaporizer.. you will not be dissapointed!

Have fun =)
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