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Hostel, Hotels, Budget Accomodations: Questions and tips Safety, services and general questions. Is there a camp ground in...

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I'm looking up hostels for my trip and I found Hosteling International. It's a whole string of hostels all over the world and you can stay in them just by buying a membership (not expensive).

And they also have hostels in almost all the places I'm visiting: Reykjavik, Paris, and Rome..

So I was just wondering if any of you have stayed in a HI Hostel. And if so, how they were.

Also, if any of you know of cheap places to stay in Avignon or Toulouse, it would be a great help.
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I was thinking about getting a membership before i left, but you can earn one just buy staying a number of nights in HI hostels.

Not sure if HI hostels are the ones that have early curfews or not. Would like to find this out. I think that independantly run hostels may be the way to go, but if it ends up coming down to having a bed, or not having a bed, hell, i can put up with being back to my room before 9pm.


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My opinion, with the evolution of the internet and services like this one, HI is no longer a nessissary thing. years ago there was no network, no way to get opinions or views on hostels, who was good, and who was bad. HI gave you some peace of mind, back 10 years ago, I think that was needed. Now not so much, you wanna know something about a hostel, you go online, people who work there, go online, make a complaint or commend the place...go online...every bit of info you need is here on the internet, somewhere, and if you can not find it, thats why we are here, to help you.

So in the end, gettign a HI is not something you have to do anymore. there are other way to find some peace of mind.

Available Beds in Avignon

Available Beds in Toulouse

Available Beds in Rome

Available Beds in Reykjavik

Available Beds in Paris

Ya see all you need to pick and book a hostel right at your finger tips...these TPunk links are backed by Hostelworld.com which if you have ANY problems are more than happy to help you out, and as well, using this service helps keep Travelpunk.com up and running.
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