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Default Luxembourg

whatsup everyone-

i'm wondering if anyone on the boards has spent any time in luxembourg. i should have some free time while in belgium and the though of going to such small monachy is of interest. however, i don't want to make the drip to luxembourg just for the novelty. does anyone know how the nightlife scene is, how expensive it is, and when the best time to go is (i've read that certain nights are better that others in terms of bars/clubs).

i've tried looking around but most of the info i found is for 40 year old expats living there on business.

any and all information on luxembourg/luxembourg city would be appreciated.

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I'm not much of a clubber, but I know people from the military base here (arty, theatre people - I kid you not) go to Luxembourg City for the night life. I can speak a little for the town and country. Luxembourg City is one of the more dramatically located capitals in the world, certainly in Europe. The catacombs are interesting and there are some interesting historical sites as well as great restaurants. It's pretty expensive, what with all the EU politicians and their expense accounts.

Luxembourg itself has some beautiful areas, though some may be a bit difficult to get to without a vehicle. We mostly drive there, as it's about 45 minutes away. Clervaux has a wonderful castle, as does Bourscheid, both of which are relatively on the train route. (Probably you'd have a bit of a walk UP from the stations - this is hilly bordering on mountainous country). Diekirch is a pretty small town, with an interesting WWII history in the heart of the Ardennes. Vianden is beautiful too, though I don't think it's accessible by train. It is the historical home of the current Grand Duke, so there's a fair bit of national pride and history on display there. Great creperies, if you can get there, and Victor Hugo was exiled there for a while, so there's a bit of historical stuff there about him. To the west of Bourscheid is the Park Naturel de la Haute-Sure if you're into hiking a such, though again, accessibility is a bit tricky.

Hope you get to check it out, it's worth whatever time you can spend there.

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bringing back an old thread, but I'm going to be traveling from London to Luxembourg and was wondering if anyone had recommendations for getting there besides the Eurostar. I'm thinking thats going to be the easiest, just wondering if there's possibly a cheaper route.
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Eurolines apparently has services to Luxembourg, I'm not sure how frequently or where from but this could definitely be cheaper, especially if you book well in advance. So that could be worth investigating.
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