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General Travel Tips and Advice Have you traveled before?- Please share your tips and advice with fellow Tpunks! See Europe by train
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I leave on Jan2 for my first winter trek, I have never done this before and am really looking forward to it. Has anyone ever done a winter trek with sometimes severe weather conditions? i.e. heavy snow and extream cold??? I have this wether normally at home every winter anyway, but bringing everything I need in an 80L pack might be hard. The 2 things I am concerned about most is my parka and my boots, the boots are steel toe/shank and the weigh alot, and the parka is large but warm...I do plan on going out in the vening so do I need to bring another pair of shoes and another coat that are not so "rugged" looking??? how am I going to fit all this stuff in my pack??? I think I will give a "pack test run" tommorow to find out how this is going to work out...If anyone has been in this type of situation..please give me some tips here!!!
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Hey CD....If you have a good pair of waterproof walking boots, you could use them instead of a big heavy pair of winter boots, and then wear gaiters over them if you go walking in the snow...That's what is best for hicking, and you can wear your boots without the gaiters when in town.

And steel toe...well that can get really cold because it's metal and metal gets cold outside, so you might freeze your toes! Hhaha! As long as you wear good thermal socks and your feet don't get wet, you will be ok. When I work in the forest, I always wear 'bamas' in my boots, they keep your feet warm and dry...And I mean really dry! At the end of the day, I could squeeze water out of them but the inside was still dry...And they prevent blisters.


Thermal underwear is small and light and will also keep you warm even if you get wet...Plus you can use them as pyjama's since they are so comfortable, and the top can also be worn alone and still look good. I stongly recommend polypropylen fabric, forget about cotton and all natural fabrics coz they get wet and you'll freeze.

I would only bring your big parka, and maybe a warm fleece, nothing more. Since you'll be wearing your parka all the time, you should not worry about it being big.

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