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This topic has probably been beat to death, but I have to ask, does anyone have any great ideas on how to get wrinkles out of clothes traveling?!?

No matter what I pack, where I pack it...wrinkles. I've tried "unwrinklable" clothing (is that a word), but still, you pull a nice shirt out of your pack on the road and it looks like sh!t.

Any secret tips?
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First off, I roll my clothes instead of folding them when I pack them for a long trip.

Secondly, one of the easier ways to de-wrinkle clothes is to hang them in the shower with you and let the steam soften them up a bit. Then pull and stretch on 'em a little and they should be in decent shape. This won't get out deep creases, but it works nicely in a pinch.
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Rolling the clothes works well, if you're really committed to keeping something tidy, it helps if you roll it around a piece of tissue paper, but that's pretty finicky for the avg backpacker. I've tried the shower trick with not much success, but there really are some fabrics that work better than others - for a shirt, look for seersucker - it's kind of nubbly cotton and doesn't show wrinkles as much. Either that, or get a fairly dark patterned shirt, which will also hide wrinkles more than light and solid ones.

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Good luck!
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You could throw them in a clothes dryer for 15 minutes with a small damp cloth (like a washcloth). That usually works okay as long as your hostel has a clothes dryer. It would be more cost effective to do a few articles of clothing at once...enough to get you through that particular stop, for instance.

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Downy makes some spray wrinkle-releaser stuff. You could put some in a small travel spray bottle. It actually works great! But it isn't a substitute for an iron and starch-- nothing really is.

If you're in a pinch and you need your things to look perfect, you could go to a dry cleaner's. I don't know about the rest of the world but around here I see 99c shirt specials all the time. *shrug*
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the shower thing has worked for me although it does seem to depend on the type of fabric. i can't say i know off hand which ones are best, though.

rolling is the best way to go, although you still have to do it carefully or you'll end up with wrinkles. rolled clothes seem to take up less room and are much easer to pack as well.

i've heard about the spray stuff but haven't had a chance to try it yet.

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to date I have never once had success with the downy wrinkle release. but... Fabric.

The shower thing sounds like it may have potential but I'm not particularly a fan of wearing the damp clothes.

I found this though:

Originally posted by http://www.ehow.com/how_113455_wrinkles-clothing.html
Ironing isn't the only way to get rid of wrinkles. If you're traveling without your iron or are just too lazy to drag out the ironing board, your clothes don't have to look like you've slept in them. Some people are sensitive to the perfumes and dyes in fabric-softener sheets, and others are concerned about the potential environmental impact of the sheets, so try out these low-impact (and free) steps first.

* Steps:*
1.** If you haven't yet taken a shower, give your clothes a good shake and hang them in the bathroom near the shower. The steam from the shower will relax the wrinkles.*
2.** If this doesn't solve the problem, dampen your hands slightly and run them over the surface of the garment, smoothing out the wrinkles as you go. Wait a few minutes, allowing the garment to dry. Alternatively, use a spray bottle filled with water to mist the garment lightly instead of wetting your hands.*
3.** If these steps still haven't fixed the problem, dampen the garment slightly and place it in the dryer with a fabric-softener sheet (check the garment's label first to see if it's safe to put in the dryer). Tumble dry for a few minutes until the wrinkles fall out.*
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Try finding a hotel, and then give the woman on the desk a sob story of how your here for a funeral and late so all alone, but have to see it through then mention that your clothes have been stolen, so all you have are these wrinkled clothes and could they help you wash and clean them, (they'll iron em too) also check the local dead peoples hang out incase they choose to send flowers (ideal gift for you hot date then too .....)

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I "iron" my clothes by laying them flat or along creases, under the mattress , back packers and youth hostels usually have thin mattresses on a hard surface, I would say "plank" surface the way they feel, this works pretty good, just be sure to wipe down the surface under the pad first as a lot of places dont really clean all that well
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