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General Travel Tips and Advice Have you traveled before?- Please share your tips and advice with fellow Tpunks! See Europe by train
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I've just come across your message forum and it looks great. I'm just starting to plan a trip to Europe, and I could do with all the advice I can get.

A friend and I are planning to backpack around Europe at minimal cost and see as much as we can - we have no time limits, just money restrictions. We'll be leaving Australia in mid-October and I'm trying to do a little planning now, i.e. where we'll start, our route, transport etc.

I've read some of the advice posted already. Our plans will be flexible, and we'll take things as they come. I've never been to Europe before and haven't done the full-on backpacking thing either. After the airfare, I'll have approx 4000 Euros.

Any tips or advice you could offer would be much appreciated, especially regarding any experience with travel routes (we'd like to see as much of Europe as possible with minimal backtracking).

Thanks for any help you can offer!

(Apologies for posting this in both Europe forums but we'd like to go east & west if that's realistic?)
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Glacier, Welcome with open arms!!! Always great to have new folks here!!!
B) :D ^_^ B) :D

With no time limit your adventures could be endless!!! You just need to work a bit to subsidize your travel costs after the 4000E is gone.

Have you considered this Australia to say Turkey ( I know there is alot of Australian History there) Making your way north through the former eastern bloc countries, Bulgaria, Romania,Hungary, Slovakia,Poland into the Czech Republic Those countries will be your most affordable I would have to say, then you could start making your way west through the mosre expencive countries, Austria, Switzerland,Italy, southern France you should get some $$$ relief in Spain and Portugal, heading north again through western France into Paris, here you could continue north into Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, or cross over into the the time you get to to UK you will be running short on money for sure, find some work for a while, Labor work, bar tender, waiter, what ever, get your wallet fat again and see England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland. You could end you adventure there


Keep on a flight out of Dublin or London for New York, Boston, Montreal, or Toronto and trek across North America. Start in NYC take a train to Montreal, bus it to Toronto ( YEHA!), Bus it to Detroit Michigan USA, shoot across the border states which are a bit more interesting than the Canadian Praries When you get to Montana head north into Calgary Alberta Canada, hitch hike through the Canadian Rockies in to Britsh Columbia enjoy a much hospitality in Vancouver, make your south back into the US through Seattle all the way down into California and fly home to OZ from there.

Now the North American part is just an added bonus if you have the time and money to do it, but the rest could be a guide line for you to base your trip on, basically what I think will be the cheapest to the most xpencive.

Hope that helps even a little. You should be able to find most of the imfo you require for yout trip here, just browse alot and check in for new and updated information!!!
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i am in the same boat as you are (backpacking though and in europe) i am from the US and i am planning a trip leaving oct 1-- i also am not going to plan to much --but don't really now how much i should plan--hostels ect.

any problems, tips, advice, things that you are doing to get ready will help me alot--

maybe we will run in too each other and have a beer!
thanks and good luck

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Hello Glacier !

I'm writing in fact about Eastern Europe, but it was locked, so went through this one instead... I've spent last year 6 weeks in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. It was a wonderful trip, full of surprises and beautiful discoveries.

Was alone with my backpack, but met plenty of people especially in Romania. If you want, I could give you precise addresses, where you could stay in private rooms, for about 10$-15$ CAN a night. Have also good hotel/hostels tips. I recommand that you don't buy a Railpass for this part of Europe, you will have more freedom and save $ by just buying normal second class ticket directly at train stations. It's very cheap. Just bring with you rolls of toilet paper (in Romania, you'll understand...). By the way, don't listen to all the warnings about scams in Romania. They exist only in the capital, and once you've read in the guides how to get out of the situations, it's simple.

Romania is one country worth enjoying ! I really fell in love with it, and plan a 3 month stay over there for next year.

Depending on the countries listed above, average cost a day would go from 22$-35$ a day, including transport, meal, accomodation, activities and souvenirs. Just take the time to select a place to stay and where to eat. And of course, have breakfast and one meal a day at home helps save dollars.
Hope you have a great trip ! Don't hesitate to write me, if you need further tips about the area.

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Hey Glacier,

I think you just started your trip this weekend (Oct 11th), and just wanted to wish you a great time!

HAPPY TRAVELS! Hope to get some updates and photos!
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