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General Travel Tips and Advice Have you traveled before?- Please share your tips and advice with fellow Tpunks! See Europe by train
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Ok, im 24, Going to Europe in June and July. I have done tons of reading, online and in books. And i guess my question is everyone on the boards and online seem so organized, they know where they are going, and the rail system. I have done tons of reading and online crap, and im still scared. Excitedly nervous i guess would be the right description. 2 months is a long time, and exspensive. I already have the ISIC card, and the European hostle card, for hostle discounts, so im slowly getting organized. Im formulating a list of places to go. But is traveling easier then im imagining it to be. If i get lost or whatever, It will be more of an adventure then a problem. But still, how come when i read boards, the travelors were so lax?? Any advice, or must see's for that list too?
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Hey- I can't really speak from experiance, because I have never been backpacking (im taking next semester to do europe) but i understand where youre coming from, the nervous excitedness and all, but I think thats just how it should be. I cant wait to go, but it is a little bit nerve-racking trying to plan everything out. I hope you have a great trip, dont worry too much!
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Travel is very easy, let me explain why....

Backpackers for the most part choose to travel so that we can A. get away from the daily "structure" of life, and B. to see the world, the cultures, the history, the intrigue, I could go on for ever, but it really is freedom like you will never experience. I can understand the mix of confusion and excitement because I remember it like it was yesterday, but when I first got off that plane in London 6 years ago, it all opened up for me, freedom is exactly what it was. I didnt have to worry about running into someone I know in the shop, or going to the same place every Friday night, etc. I had a plan, an itenerary, but ya know what? I scrapped it the second day. Thats the beauty of it, ya might check into a hostel and indulge in a conversation with other travelers about the places they just came from, and guess what? you wanna go there and see for yourself, well, now ya can, yeah you wanna plan somewhat, but only the first few days should be real solid, that way in the first day or two you can decide whats next, log onto TP, and book a bed for 3 days from now, then board a train two days later, and go there. I think after the first day or two in a hostel with other travelers just like yourself, you will get used to it really fast, you'll get comfy, and yes, addicted. Dont worry about it though, I'll quote greenday on this one.....

"its something unpredictable, and in the end its right. I hope you have the time of your life"
Green Day

Have a great time and let us know how its going while your there
"Live, Learn, and Love"
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hey Nicene I'm going to Europe for the first time also this summer and am so excited about everything and also scared. I'm new to all this board talking and on-line stuff. This site has been so great for me and I can't wait for the freedom and TIU talks about. I'm only scared I will love it too much and not want to come home. Good luke to you on your trip and keep in touch because I will be there most of June and all of July and am keeping most of the trip open for what comes next i'm not making too many set plans.
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June/July first timers are commen it seems. I am heading over for my first trip about the same time. yes I am a little nervous scared, yes every now and then I feel slight guilt (many of my "friends" say i should be spending my money is a "wiser" way) but the excitement outweighs everything. I keep imagining my self sitting in Brussels sipping a beer and writing while I take in the atmosphere, or on some all night train to barcelona, or walking along the canals in Copenhagen.....I just can not wait! I've read and read as well (two good boods are: Frommers guiede to Europe for $70 a Day, and Europe by Eurail) and done a lot of net reading as well. It's gotten to the point where I've decided to do as TUI says, plan the first few and then wing it....After all is this trip not about freedom? And can freedom really be found with schedules, deadlines, structure? nope. Have a blast, i know i will.
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