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I m planning to travel to Vienna. I 'm alone as my friend is sick..
I would like to go alone, but I want to know if its safe and also a nice hostel to stay.
If anyone has gone before, please reply to this asap.

Happy holidays all.

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Hi - I haven't been to Vienna, but you should be absolutely fine. Vienna's more known for its waltzes than for crime perpetrated on backpackers

I just met a couple of teenage girls in Czech that had come from Vienna and said it's absolutely beautiful, and a great place to spend a few days taking in the sights and - if you have time - checking out musical performances.

From what I remember, Wombats and the Palace Hostel come highly recommended from everyone I met that had passed through Vienna. Although everyone who went through Austria said if there's one city to hit there, it's Salzburg - home of Mozart and Red Bull!
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hey, you really dont have to worry about anything in vienna, it's an incredibly clean and friendly place. Although I would watch for a guy scamming people on the street for one of those card "tricks"...haha one of my friends got scammed 100 euros for that....but he got his money back (an austrian yelled at the guy for him). Anyways I stayed here and LOVED it. I highly reccommend it!

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i really wish i could remember the name of the place i stayed at in vienna. it was in the bell tower of a catholic church and was really cool. the hostel was just so/so but the fact that we were in a bell tower was awesome. there was also a little kitchen/hang out area where we drank some cheap wine and beer with some people from china and brazil. the hostel was hella cheap too, which rocked. vienna is an awesome city. one of the most amazing in europe and often overlooked as a rad place to go.

i would suggest putting up with the line and getting standing room tickets for the opera. im not an opera guy but vienna has a special sophisticated feel to it and the opera house there is really famous. there was something cool about being at the opera and seeing the same performance that people around me paid hundreds of bucks for their tickets for when i paid like 15 or something.

vienna definately felt safe, especially in comparison to alot of other cities, but at the same time, it is still a big city, and you have to be careful.
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Like everybody's saying, Vienna is a very safe city. I stayed with a friend there, so can't help you with Hostels, but heard good things about Wombat's. There's lots to see during the day, I really liked the Palace that was sort of outside town, but still a 10-15 minute subway ride (can't remember the name!), also Stefansdom and that whole area. In the evening, you can get really cheap last-minute opera tickets, if that's your thing, then there's the Bermuda Triangle with lots of touristy nightlife. I also recommend the suggestion of Salzburg from Omisan (if you do go, do not stay in the HI hostel, unless you want to be attacked by 100s of screaming German schoolchildren!) Have fun!!!
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