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I'm currently going to school in France, outside of Paris and I have some family coming to visit in the spring. We're going to do the Paris thing for a few days but then I want to take them south to Provence and the Riviera. We will go to Avignon for a day or two but then I want to go somewhere near the sea.

The thing is I havent been south and I don't know what towns would be good visit for a few days to lay on the beach and relax. I'm going to ask around but I wanted to see if anyone here knew good spots to check out. They dont need to have hostels, cause we'll probably stay in hotels for this trip.

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The Riviera is fairly expensive, FYI. Avignon isn't quite as bad, and personally I *love* the Languedoc-Roussillon area.

Nice is the clear capitol of the Cote d'Azur; Cannes and St. Tropez are lovely (and infamous) as well. A little east of Nice is Menton, which is beautiful and quiet and is probably a great choice if you're going with family.
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If your just after the beach there is Nice (pebble, no sand), Cannes and also one of my smaller favourites - Frejus Saint-Raphael.

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well I can't really say anything that SV hasn't said but I do agree with her completly, I think that Antibes is absolutly beutiful and the beaches are a little better than in Nice also Cannes is quite nice... also there is a cool little medevil town of Eze just ner monaco I would recoment that. the cast;e on teh top is log since destroyed by napolian but they have a beutiful cactus gardan on the top of the hill now. Avignon is a beutiful city and claimed as the city of Europe but if your wanting to do the beech thing that's not the place to go.
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