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Default Paris Accomodations - What are these like?

Hey am off to Paris for 3 nights in August with 2 mates

I am the only one who has been before and that was a couple of times with the school. SO :D

If we chose a hostel in paris is it pretty easy to get to all the usual what not's :D Not sure exactly what to do yet we want to deffo go Eiffel Tower but other than that aint thought about anything specific until we have booked the accomodation. Came across these on

Peace &Love Hostel
245 Rue La Fayette, 75010
3 bed mixed Dorm £23.15 PP/PN (31 euros)
24 hr check in - no curfew - But says "Peace and Love is a hostel you'll want to stay at, if you are the kind of person who wants to party, drink and be merry!! DO NOT COME HERE IF YOU ARE A SLEEPER!! COME AND STAY WITH US FOR A GREAT TIME ONLY!!!!!" Not sure if that is just a warnign that people will prib be a lingering drunken at all hours or because they encourage and push the rowdyness as apart of their apeal?

Absolute Paris
1 Rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 75011 Paris
4 Bed mixed dorm £16.84 PP/PN
inc breakfast - no curfew - 24 hr reception etc

(There is 3 of us, 2 females and one male. If we opted for a 4 bed mixed dorm is it very likley that there will be that one other person in there or might they see that there is 3 of us so give us the benifit of the doubt, I guess depends how busy they are? )

There were more but I was wondering what you guys thought of these and also the locations - because I havent a clue what the locations mean just that it is in paris hehe - what is their metro like?

cheers guys RaySen. xx
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I have never been to Paris but through my obsession with it i believe you find out where these are by taking the last digits off the 75010 etc and look at it on an arrondisement map like this one:

to see where it is, so the two you are looking at are in the 10th and 11th arrondisements.

If i am wrong please correct me someone, i learnt this a few years ago so could be wrong.

Hopefully someone can help more specifically soon...
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if you do a google map of the addresses itll show u where it is and the metros around it. I checked it out and you got plenty of metros everywhere.

I dont remember what time the metros close if they close but besides that they were reallly efficient both times i was there. You can get to all the main attractions pretty easily.
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If you're looking for cheap accommodations but don't require the hostel's social environment, another good option in Paris is the Etap hotel chain. They're basic, but we booked a three person room with private bath for 43 Euro/night - some are more expensive, some are cheaper, depends on where you can find availability - but there are several Etaps in and around Paris - generally, closer in is more expensive, but ours was within walking distance of the Metro, and only minutes from a bus route - by metro (and including our walking time) it took us about 15 minutes to get into the centre. When you average the cost out between you, it can work out to less than a hostel, with a fair bit more privacy. That ensuite bathroom is a nice touch. Only possible drawback in the room: the rooms have a double/single bunk, so some combination of you would have to share the double. This may or may not be an issue, but it's good to know in advance.

Atmosphere wise, they're not usually as social as hostels, but we were there during the world cup, and the place was all decked out and rocked when the Germans won.

Don't get the meal though, you can do much better at any cafe.

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I stayed at a hotel when I went with my friends a couple of years ago, I remember it being cheap, but can't remember what it was called, argh! I'll see if i can find out, because it was a decent hotel for a very good price.

As for the metro, it's pretty easy to navigate. Well, I had no problems. Just so long as you know which direction wyou want to be headed in, it's fine. Ticket-wise, we bought a carnet each (is that what it's called, or am I making it up?! Anyway, 10 tickets) when we got there, as it worked out quite cheap, and they lasted the few days we were there.
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When i was in Paris last year, i stayed at a hostel called 'le woodstock'. It was an excellent place to meet other travellers, and the location was pretty decent as well. It was about 7 minutes walk to 'Paris gare du nord', and near a metro station (pigalle). The bar inside the hostel is very popular, as well as the courtyard. Don't expect to sleep much though...
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