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Default Paris for 3 nights

Me and one of my best mates are having a few days in paris...not entirely sure why, but it came down to, why not?! lol.

Okay have been to paris before on school trips but think the last time we went was bout 10 years ago and as you can imagine went everywhere by coach

Neither of us can drive so we will be getting the boat(although dont know where it docks compared to where paris is?) or eurostar over there, as neither of us have been on it and its cheaper(and different) to flying .

.we live in east anglia, england btw

anyways so looking at recomended places to stay in paris, with good location to eurostar or whereever the ferry docks and attractions etc.

Thoughts comments tips advice majorly welcome

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I guess you'll end up at a major train station, one way or another, all of which are bound to have links to the metro, which is by far the best way to get around the city. A possible option for accommodations, since you're traveling with a friend, is the Etap hotel chain. There are several scattered around Paris, with rates for a private double room in the 35-45 Euro range, depending on how close they are to the centre, the season and a bunch of other factors. is a good place to check out prices and availability. You could probably find something cheaper, but these are clean, reliable and a private bath is a plus. Usually they are within walking distance of the Metro, which puts you within range of anything you could hope to see.

For an exhaustive list of museum/attraction reviews, check out my list in the Family Travel forum, I just don't have the time to reprint it here, but the museums aren't just for kids, by any means. My new favourite free museum in Paris is the Paris City Museum of Modern Art (this is not the Pompidou Centre). I love it because, a/ it's free (which is enough of a reason) - except for the temporary exhibits, but there's plenty to see in the permanent collection; and b/ it houses reputedly the largest painting in the world, which happens to be by my favourite dead artist ("La Fee d'Electricite" by Raoul Dufy). I've gotta run, but check out the rest in Family Travel.

Have a great time!

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