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Hello as the subject suggests, I'll be travelling by myself in Munich for four nights in early December. What are some cool things to do in the city? Where's a good hostel to stay?
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Do the "Free walking tour". Its absolutely awesome and you can get info at the hostels. They dont charge anything, they work off tips. If you think they deserve 3 euros or 30 euros or nothing, then they dont care. I gave 10 euros because they were damn funny. Alot of backpackers did it because its free and they go to hostels to round people up. It was one of the best things i did in Munich during the day. They also have a castle that reguires a daytrip right outside of munich that isreally popular... and of course you have to do a "pub crawl". The same people who did the "Free walking tour" did our pub crawl and it went great. And then the obvious is to visit the beer gardens of munich, aka major drinking place. The only thing it has to do today with an actual garden is ..well nothing haha. Then go to the beer houses, the biggest one was something like Hofbrauh house. You'll hear all this if you ask the same question when you get there. We stayed at Wombat Hostel. It was one the highest ratings in the world and slept about 300-400 backapckers. Most about 20-27 years old. They had a huge bar and very nice hostel. They even had lockers in the rooms. That was nice. Anways...i hoped that helped!
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there's a GREAT restaurant in an area called 'lehel' it's name is liebighof and i suggest you give it a try. there's also a great place to hang out called 'cafe am beethovenplatz' really chilled out but busy place with good food... as far as a cheapo place to stay, 'pension frank' in the university area was nice when i was there/ have fun - i absolutely loved munich when i was there.
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I'd look into staying at wombats. I stayed at the euro youth hostel and while it wasnt bad, it wasnt as nice as the wombat next door.
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i agree with everything that tadpole said, that's pretty much what i did while i was there, munich is such a great city. And i have to agree with staying at Wombats, it was one of the nicest, if not the nicest hostel i stayed at in europe
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Don't go to a stripclub! They are all over the place and I went. I actually didn't pay a dime but two drunk chicks actually payed my night out. 75 euro for a bottle of vodka that was about 12 oz, and 64 euro for 3 red bull and vodka's. No ladies got on stage for the first 30 or 40 minutes so when one finally did I threw a 2 euro coin on stage. That didn't go over so hot so I do not think I am invited back!

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