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Europe: Western Cafés, castles, architecture, art, wine, the Euro, gastronomy, let´s meet up, and pub crawls.! Oh oui, backpackers paradise... See Europe by train
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Going to be doing a two week trip through Brussels, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Madrid, about 3 nights a place. Anyone got advice or experiences with good pubs and hostels in those cities? Friendly places, especially good for meeting fellow travellers? I saw the thread about Amsterdam and recommended coffee shops. Thanks.
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I was just in that area a few weeks ago. A-Dam, Brugges, Paris. I would suggest skipping Brussels and going to Brugges. Its only 45 min. by train from Brussels and you don't get the chance to see a canaled 16th century mid evil city often. It is the most beautiful place I have been in my travels so far. The north see of Oostende is also worth a morning visit. Only 20 min. by train from Brugges. If in A-Dam, you should stay in the Leidseplein area. Great coffeeshops and close to everything. Get a canalbus pass and get off at every stop in A-Dam and walk around. Its cool, we were in 2 canaled cities in 2 weeks. Happy Traveling!
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Barcelona I adore Barca! Barca owns! okie let me give you some sweet killer info on the place, I don't know what you like to do for fun so I'm gonna go Berzerk on ya! wo hooooo!

Okie , Cafes(coffee shops):

:greenguy: Cafe D'Opera it's located in "La Rambla" it's a nice little spot where you get the chance to check out everything that goes around the street and all the performences and stuff like that.

:greenguy: El Cafe que pone muebles Navarro, this one I guess is my fave cafe in Barca it has a killer inside and check this out ( Tourist free mostly locals) it's in the Centro (centre) of the city and as I said the service and inside decor is pretty WOW! Riera Alta, 4-6. the area is as I said Barceloneta, so it's mad ez to get to and it closes like @ 2a.m but it stays open 'til later sometimes.

Uh and Kasparo also rules! it's by Raval.

Now as for the drink bars, musicals, taverns & pubs!

Buda Restaurante - Good to start the day sometimes it turns into a formal bar

Milk Bar & Bistro - This one is one of my fave cause it's pretty simple yet has crazy food and an ol' school aspect in the ambient.

Rubí Supper Club & Lounge - This is a drink bar but it also has a killer gastronomy in it!

Princesa 23 - It's pretty colourful persay, Born and the attention is insane friendly

El Somiatruites Mad innovative spot it's good to dance & munch! It's by or inEixample (I don't remember the address that well sorry) But it's ez to find.

Guru BCN - Killer place it has nice music and modern dishes it's in gotic.

Maria Mulata - it's in Gňtic, it has the enviorment where you know stuff starts there cause it has art (Photography, cinematic, euphonical, plastic & whatever other art you can find)from corner to corner and the drinks are pretty killer my dear pal! Oh I don't remeber if they serve food

You'll find more spots on your way I'm just giving you the info on what I liked, oh if you skate the city has sweet spots to skate and chill.

And for Lounges& Clubs! (this is my fave!!!!!!!)

Shoko - it's a Rest. Lounge, I have never spun in that local but I've been in there more than once and I don't plan to leave this lifetime without spinnin' in that place, it's mad oriental but it bring all the Electro Spain has to offer the place can become a bit pricey if you compare but where else are you gonna get good Oriental cusine, a sweet vibe, a killer percussion session and a fire baller show + a chinese massage??? oh yeah dude Shoko is the place (the addy is: Paseo Maritimo de la Baceloneta 36)

Baja - Okie I spun there a few years ago and I also had the hance to spin in the one in Margarita, let me give you the intel about all this place has to offer and why I'm not on bad terms with the place, let's start with the fact that is only a few steps away from Shoko and it's a beach club (you know that means you'll get laid mad easy!) + it closes at around 5 a.m (and that's if it's calm) the music is also goovie! funky beats and the regular house euphonay I adore from "La Madre Patria" oh and it's Paseo Maritimo de la Barceloneta 34.
I must add the management group is wonderful.

Zentraus - this one is not that old, it has good music and the entry is free!!! More money for the booze!
The ambient varies from night to night because depends on the date which type of music & theme will be played (minimal, Ambient, D'n'B, Hard House, House, Trance, Jungle, Acid, et cetera) the addy is: Rambla Raval, 41. The only shitty thing is how little time it stays open the until around 3:00 a.m.

Distrito Legal - Guess who spun there???? Yeah! Okie the thing about this club that is not like the rest is the fact that it has no official closing time! it's all house all the time crazy lights crazy drinks all what you would like if you were a party junkie from the 80's with the taste for 98 & up Electronika! the place is located in: Av. Diagonal, 442. Oh yeah I don't know if they solved it but they had some black spots with the sound, I doubt anyone ever noticed that other than me but whatever! oh I have more clubs and shit but I don't feel like typing anymore on Barca, tell me if you want more info on the city and what you would like to do cause I could keep on typing for ages and ages. Hehe :greenguy: I hope you do decide and visit Barcelona it's a place you would never regret going to.
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Thanks for the info on barca clubs. I'm going to be there for a weekend so that is definately in my itenerary.
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