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Europe: Western Cafés, castles, architecture, art, wine, the Euro, gastronomy, let´s meet up, and pub crawls.! Oh oui, backpackers paradise...

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ok so me and my man are broke and are trying to save money to see europe for a month for out honey moon. i have found two tickets for round trip that will land me in madrid for $1500. i heard that that is the cheapest place to land. also we are either going to do a lot of camping and crashin or hostels. There are so many places we wanna see. amsderdam, italy, norway, ireland, germany etc. what is your advice, the europass is sooo expensive! whats the secret on getting from place to place and what are the best destinations? i have never been anywhere and cant wait to go! well be going most likely in februar. i hear it will be frezing but who cares thats what coats are for. please give me all possible advice so i can start planning. thanks
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hey melissa, welcome to travelpunk.

Since you are going in Feb. it will be low season and I think you can do alot better for tickets than $1500 (each or for both of you?).

I see you're in California. Flying LAX-Dublin on Aer Lingus during Feb. puts you at $500 each for a round trip ticket. A lot less.

I'm going to Europe in January, and I'm also from a warm climate (Miami) so I'm not equipped for cold. BRRR I feel your pain.
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It will be cold and most likely wet in Feb, but it's a great time to travel - not so crowded and you'll meet tons of locals. Hostels should be no problem for booking, although some of the more resorty places may be closed...we had a tough time finding accommodations in parts of Greece in March. If you can get a cheaper flight into northern Europe (check SAS, they sometimes have 2 for 1 fares in the winter, for about $700 total) you'll lots of little guesthouses with very few guests and some great out of the way places. Much to our consternation, our ten year old daughter has recently taken to rating places with regard to their "wedding" potential - cool places to hold weddings, that is. She has assured us that she's not planning anything, to our relief. Anyhow, we recently visited Giesthoorn, in the Netherlands - a pretty little town with no roads, only canals. Popular with local tourists, not so many from overseas. We stayed in Raalte, which we really enjoyed - laid back and fairly inexpensive. Smaller towns are a good way to go to avoid spending big bucks, but you can stay near a main city and commute in to see the sights.

Another tip, the Etap hotel chain (throughout most of Europe) offers basic accommodations (with private bath) for pretty darn cheap - we stayed in Paris for 43 Euro/night, in July. Don't know how that compares with private double rooms in hostels there, but it's another option for you. The Formule 1 chain is even cheaper (around 30 Euro/night) but don't have private bathrooms. Still, a contender.

I'd definitely recommend staying in a private guesthouse at least a couple of times, you'll get to see a different side of the country (they're often in small villages, farms, old castles and whatnot) and generally eat great food and enjoy comfy rooms for a lot less than a similar facility in a big city.

Since you have time, I'd recommend writing to various country's tourist info offices, asking specifically for info about guest house accommodations. You should get a pretty comprehensive brochure to help you find just the thing.

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:greenguy: thanks for the advice i will definatly try to fine cheaper tickets that is why we are looking now. we want to be able to stay for a month but we dont have a lot of money. plus i want to go everywhere and i dont care much for fancy hotels, we wouldnt fit in. so ill look into flying into dubliln and definatly want to go to that place with cannalls instead of roads!!! thanks any more advice is appreciated!!!
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