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Next Spring (2007) I'll be living in Rome, Italy for 3 months for school. Me and my roommate are flying over 2 weeks before school starts and flying back 2-3 weeks after school ends. We have no idea what's the best place to fly into and what sights to see before ending up in Rome. Any suggestions would be awsome.
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I'd fly into Madrid, and work my way East though Narcelona, Nice, Monte Carlo, Verona or something like that.

By the way, I REALLY ENVY YOU!

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Yeah, like florencia said, maybe pick another country that you wanna visit (like spain) and travel round there for a couple of weeks. you can always go to other italian cities at weekends during school
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Ditto. You could work your way south from Germany or France, or check out the Greek Islands, or start in eastern Europe - maybe Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and hop a boat across the Adriatic to Venice then down? The possibilities are truly endless, depends a lot on what you want to do, where your interests lie, etc. Dig around on the boards, do some general reading about Europe and see what grabs your attention, and when you've got a bit more specific idea, ask endless questions til you figure out something that'll work for you.

I'd also recommend saving southern Italy for weekends during your classes, and then check out northern Italy and beyond when you've been in country for a while, speak fluent Italian, and have met some locals and can check out their suggestions or visit their families.

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Having traveled Italy for 2 months - here are my recs:

Do southern Italy for the first 2 weeks (it will get hotter later on)

After school

Do Northern Italy for 3 weeks.

Itinerary South:
Pompei, Amalfi Coast, .
If you're really adventurous you can take a 12 hour ferry from Bari to Athens, Greece.
Another option is Sicily which is a GREAT 2 week option. Cheap, sunny and the best food in Italy.

North (my favorite):
-Florence (a must)
-Cincua Terra (beautiful hiking)
-Verona (totally underrated)
-Venice (a must)

Ideally you would fly into Naples or someplace south, and then fly out of Milan or Venice in the North - but that can be more expensive then just flying into one city. One option is to fly in/out of Rome - drop your stuff and then catch a cheap in country flight to wherever you go. Have fun
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I would say take the first 2 weeks and visit a country other than Italy. France, Spain, or Germany would be good bets.

In 2 weeks you can probably see 3 cities, such as Spain - Barca, Madrid, Valencia or Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, or Berlin, Munich, Cologne.

You probably won't need a rail pass, because you will only be going to 2 or 3 cities. Do the math and they'll probably end up around the same price.

The best idea would be to fly into whatever city you want to see first then end in Rome.

For a budget plan on a high of $100 a day for hostel/food/spending and a low of $50. You will probably end up inbetween.

Sit down with a friend and decide if you want France, Spain, or Germany because those will be your best bets. Then visit Italy while you are in school.
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