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Europe: Eastern From Russia to Croatia, the Danube, Iron Curtain era vestiges, Pilzner beer, Czech it out! See Europe by train
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Hi everyone

just got back from a short 7 day trip around a few cities I’d never been to. Salzburg, Prague and Munich.
had a great time but I have some tips especially for Prague.

What ever you do don't go into what looks like a tourist information office in the station, The train station has 2 floors you walk
through the first floor down a small escalator to the exit on the left hand side is what looks like a tourist information,
so we walked in looking for a map. Started talking to the guy he was ok for about 2 minutes then he was trying to sell us some
accommodation and a very over priced map (not that i knew this at the time we didn't even know the exchange rate). when we didn't
want his accommodation he went mental started shouting and swearing at us like i have never heard while on holiday. we left when he
stood up and started calling us fucking bastards. we met a couple outside and they said he did the same to them the day before.

Don't hang around in the station, just go to the news stand get a ticket and get on the tram or tube away from the station, then work
out what you want to do or where you want to stay, the people are generally really nice and helpful just not in the station.

Where to stay
we stayed at Sir Toby's a little way out but nice area easy to get to on the tram and very cheep food in the restaurant next door.
the hostel was a little quieter than some but lots of people from all over the world, nice little bar but a little quiet. There is a guy there that does walking tours of the city, he is a history professor and really knows his stuff, i warn you he is eccentric and not a normal tour guide he will take the piss out of you, shame you with his incredible knowledge. He is also very opinionated and is not too keen of the other tour guides or tourists, it is not a tour for the faint hearted but i really enjoyed it he takes you all around the back streets and places you would never go on your own only 300CZK for 5 hours. He also takes you to this place for lunch which is only 55 CZK for the meal. I enjoyed it

Loved it, stayed at Yoho and had a great time very friendly, good food and good beer at the bar.

Hope this helps
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The Prague train station is an awful experience to behold... glad someone else agrees that the best plan there is to get the hell out of the station ASAP!

Glad to hear about your trip! More on Salzburg/Munich? Photos?
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Good to read from you butterj ! And thanks for the tips.

people are people

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The dreaded Prague trainstation!! #2 on my least favorite transportation systems in Europe (#1 was trying to find my way out of the Paris metro). That tour sounds great, I love history profs!

Did you do lots of touristy things in Salzburg? It's beautiful, isn't it? I agree with Omisan, bring on the pics!

Oh, and hope you had fun in Munich! My travel tip for there would be that 1 beer stein in the beer gardens is enough! Girls (and guys I guess) with low alcohol tolerance should not be drinking 2 L of beer!
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Contrary to you guys I had a good experience in the Prague train station! I couldn't find accomodation and was resigned to dumping my stuff at left luggage and clubbing all night.

I had someone approach me to pay for accomodation in one of her apartments. It was a little out of town (but easily accessible by metro then tram) but I had a whole room to myself, kitchen to cook, washing machine to use and cable TV all at 10 euros a night!

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im staying at sir tobys when i am in prague in july so nice to know that its been recommended! the tour sounds good too, will have to try and do that when we are there

and thanks for the advice about the train station. i think we arrive in the early hours of the morning so will have to find somewhere else to pass the time!
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photos yes, i will try and upload some when i get home from work. I really need to go back to Prague and spend some more time there it was great fun, urOZm8 im glad you had a better time at the station. In general i love there transport system it's so easy and while away i really got into the idea of the stamping tickets thing
it's quite cool.

Oh and another small tip, the police are ok we got stopped on the platform for smoking
(we didn't realise it was no smoking), the cops came over looking pretty f***ing angry. They demanded our passports
after all the horror story’s you hear I was like oh shit this is it, their going to demand a small fortune. after leaving us standing there with no clue what was going to happen they handed our passports back with a 100CKR fine, cool that’s not much but oh wait i don't have enough oh shit onto the train borrow money from a couple of Canadians, give it to the cops and get our passports back. Moral of the story if i hadn't given them the passport I’m sure the fine would have been much worse, and some people say don't give them your passport.
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