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Europe: Eastern From Russia to Croatia, the Danube, Iron Curtain era vestiges, Pilzner beer, Czech it out!

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Hey, Im driving across Romania this June (13-21) with one of my friends. Were hoping to see as much as we can in the week we have there. A few questions:

Are there any driving rules or issues we should be aware of?
Does anyone know of a good website to get Romanian driving maps as well as distances between cities?
How long would it take to drive from Budapest to Bucharest?

Places to see:

Were trying to prioritize between Cluj-Napoca, Sighisoara, Brasov, Sibiu, Bucharest, and the Black Sea Coast (Constanta, Mamaia, or Constenesti) We are looking to maximize the adventure, see some awesome sights and areas that arent over traveled by US tourists. We are also looking for some really fun places to party and meet locals. Does anyone have recommendations on the best places to see?
What would be the best town to go to on the Black Sea?
Would it be better to travel across the border to the Bulgarian Black Sea?
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Well... Romania is very good for its nightlife, in Bucharest you should go to Club Maxx, it's a student club, is absolutely huge and has naked lesbian pole dancers, plus it's very cheap (about $1.50 entry and about the same for beer I think).

In Brasov make sure you go to Tequila Bowling, it's on three levels which are all open, ten pin bowling on the bottom, dance floor in the middle and billiards room at the top, with a bar on each floor. Then from Brasov you're only an hour or so from Draculas Castle in Bran, a bit touristy but it's a "have to" when in Romania.

If you get a chance when going from Brasov to Bucharest, stop off at Sinai for a tour of Peles Palace, fantastic building but I don't think it's worth staying in the town, not much else there.

As for the coast, I only went to the Black Sea in Varna, Bulgaria. It's very very cheap (more so than Romania) and it reminded me of Playa De Las Americas in Tenerife, only difference was that very very few people in Bulgaria speak any English.

How are you organising the trip? Where are you flying to? Renting a car?
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Where I'm going: Cyprus (June 2013)
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My husband recently had a business trip to Costanta. He wasn't overwhelmingly impressed, though to be fair, it wasn't the season yet. Said it was okay, but you might want to check out a Romanian guide book to get their suggestions on a worthwhile place to stay. I don't think you'll find many American tourists there, though.

Another interesting note, by the by, apparently, beachfront properties in Romania and Bulgaria are the hot ones in the British real estate pages, so there may be a greater influx of Brits as the years go by.

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Thanks for the tips! We will definitely stop by Club Maxx. We'll be renting a car in Budapest, driving through Romania (Stop in Brasov and maybe Sibui). then off to the Black Sea Coast. Trip will end in Bucharest where we catch our flight home.

Will Varna/Golden Sands be fun in mid to late June? Are we going to be too early? Also, we'll probably be there Sun - Wed. Is it dead during the week?

Any tips on places to go things to see in Translyvania? Is Sibui worth seeing?

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