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Eastern Europe Hostels Recommeded These hostels are highly recommended for travelers heading out to Eastern Europe!

Heading out to Budapest? Check out the awesome Calypso Chillout Hostel! It's American/British owned and operated. See Europe by train
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Yoyo. So I made it back, all in one piece, to (unfortunately) Ohio. Man... I can't wait to leave again. But that's another topic all together. SO the hotel that I stayed in CR was called Hotel Del Mar, in Playa Samara. The owners are French-Canadian, and very sweet and accomodating. I had a very spacious, very clean, oceanview room (while not on the ocean, the beach was literally 100 ft. from the hotel entrance), and paid $29USD a night (it also included breakfast, which was tostadas y cafe con leche). It was a little more expensive than I had anticipated paying, but it was definitely worth it. I saw some of the other cabinas (like hostels) in Samara, and some were pretty gross (like Casa Valeria B&B, and Cabinas Magaly). With Hotel Del Mar, you pay more, but you get a much better stay. I loved every minute there!

Toodle Pip :P
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Welcome back Sherp! :P Glad to hear that you had a great visit in CR.
Sounds like you did the right thing and anteed up the dough for a sweeter pad! Thanks for the tip!

I had a similar experience in Mazatlan a couple of years ago. I stayed at a place for 2 nights paying $45 a night for a nice place across from the beach with a sweet view, but a fifteen minute walk from the main hotel strip where all the action was. So, the third night I stayed at a motel type right across the street from the main strip for $20 a night. Cheaper and closer without the view. I woke up the next morning and had this line of about eight red itchy bumps (I think spider, or some sort of nasty bed bug prowlin mohican) on my left foot- all in a crescent moon shaped line. Mi pie derecha tenia algunas mordeduras, tambien. It was nasty!
Needless to say, I packed it up the next day, went to a sa-weet low key hotel on the strip, got me the top floor room overlooking the beach, the Gulf of California, todos for the next two nights!
The pad was awesome, but I definitely paid the price ($95/night- Ouch!)!

In moments like that I always say, so what- its just money and I can always make more of it later, but I cant say that Ill ever come back to this place again so I need to enjoy it to the fullest (and within reason) while Im here!

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do B)

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