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Companions Wanted Going my way? Birds of a feather, flock together. See Europe by train
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Default China to Europe by train

Hi all, I have been in China Hong Kong for 1 year now, and will have to go back to Europe in June.

I plan to make it by train, the trip would go through mongolia, Russia, to Moscow for a stop and then through Eastrn Europe

THe whole would take about 8 days, and would be cheaper than plane, would enable some nights to spend in various rusian cities, and a big nite in Moscow on the way.

I'm a 23 french man, studied in the US before, and easy to get along with

Look for pple interested, asap

See you soon
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Wink Late reply!!

Hey Pierre

Sorry my French is no good anymore even though I have spent a good while in France in the past so I hope you can forgive a long post in English.

I guess now its long to late to reply to this but...

I have been In Japan for over a year now and was planning to take the same journey home. Would have suited me completely because I plan to end my trip in France or Holland also and continue from there to Ireland at a later date.

I would love to get in contact and discuss how this journey went for you and if you would have any recommendations. Best way to book and things to do on the way.

Any info you have would be a big bonus to me. Like how to organise days or nights of the train and expenses and so on.

THank you very much in advance

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While you're waiting for a response from Gros why don't you start up a thread talking about some of your experiences living in France or Japan? Also, tell us about yourself. Where you from, why you headed to Europe?

we all look forward to hearing from you...
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One suggestion: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A MONGOLIAN VISA! (or at least clear it with the Mongolians)

I met a Swiss backpacker friend who told me some horror story about taking the train from Moscow to Beijing and being stuck in Mongolia.
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^And get a Visa for Russia before you leave home. They are sticklers for that.


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You can check out the thread on the TransSiberian.

Hope it helps. =]
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Welcome to the boards!!

Keep us updated, I think this sounds really cool!
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