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Companions Wanted Going my way? Birds of a feather, flock together. See Europe by train
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I am possibly looking for a travel companion, perhaps with transport to travel across canada and share the cost of gas, I am working in dorset, ON area until at least october 1st, after that I am free to travel around.

a few question

1. Does anyone have any advice on the above
2. Has anyone gone cross country in a automobile of some sort, any idea on costs
3. Is anyone planning on the above and be interested

I should be able to get down to at least georgetown around that time,

I am aware that canada is a big country, perhaps some one out there knows of good places to stop, eat etc and perhaps find work en route. I would be looking at either passage across country or just part way and as I said share the cost of gas etc.

accomodation would also have to be cheap, I think 100 bucks for a room is a bit over budget i only need room/bed/ and washroom. at the very least

I am in canada until may 07, but want to head out west so if anyone is looking for a travel companion I may be up for it


Paul Sutton

if you want to contact me directly feel free at
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That's actually pretty ambitious, all things considered. Having a reliable car is key, and though it's a really great way to see a huge country like Canada, it's also got the potential to turn into the worst nightmare you've ever seen!

That said, gas (in the states) runs about $3.00 a gallon, (in Canada, they're about 30% more). You're looking at a trip of about 2500 miles, give or take. If it's an efficient car, you'll average 25-30 miles per gallon (depending on how you drive, terrain, air conditioner, etc.)

Given that, the trip alone is about $400 Canadian (counting the exchange and higher gas prices) in gas.

Without pushing yourself too hard, and leaving time to stop and take pictures etc., you can expect to make 300 miles a day. (you can push much harder and make more, but then you're doing nothing but driving) so look at 9 days of travel, barring incident (the bad car scenario)

Motels in rural areas can be cheaper, and if you have a tent, you can car camp fairly cheaply, so $100 a day for food and lodging would be generous. I don't recommend sleeping in your car too much, because it's simply not comfortable.

I've taken several cross-country trips in the U.S. quite successfully by car, and it's quite enjoyable. The important thing is to plan ahead on your route, so that you have a good idea where you're going to stop, and you can decide what you'd like to see along the way (there's plenty to see if you know it's there, but most of it is often a short detour off the main road away)

Don't get all wrapped up in your schedule (remember National Lampoon's Vacation? or you'll suck all the enjoyment out of the trip... there's just too many times that I've spent more than my allotted time in one spot, and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Finding someone else going on the road-trip is tough, cause people simply don't like to travel that way much anymore...

Good luck with your trip!
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Awsome idea to head out west!! Alberta and BC is where it's at, I can't help you out with a travel companion but If you do get out to the west, Boarding/ski season will be starting soon, If you have a working visa you could easily find work in Banff or Whistler at one of the many ski resorts trust me the mountains out here are amazing, and you would meet tons of people doing the same thing from all over the world!!! , it would be an awsome way to spend the winter!
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You may want to check out a travel company if you cannot find someone to travel with. I was having the same issues, so I finally just said screw it and went with a company. Great idea-easy, road trip, a ton of companions so you can definitely find someone to hang out with. This may not be at ALL what you are looking for, just thought I'd throw that out there. Have fun on your trip!
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