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Canada Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, french culture, hockey...Ohhhh Canada... See Europe by train
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Ok, I guessed....I didnt really know where to ask this...and seeing that no one has posted in here since January or something.....well

As anyone who read my introduction knows, Im going to Toronto in July. I've never been there before, and I dont want to end up sitting in the hostel all day because I dont know where to start *laugh* SO....anyone that lives there or has been there, where are some cool places to check out. (AND....if ANYONE says the CN Tower... ) I've already heard that a million times....I KNOW there's got to be more to it than that

I will have a car, because Im driving in from Buffalo, so even if it isnt in Toronto but can be driven to in a decent amount of time, that would be cool too.

This might be yet another stupid question (but I ask a lot of be prepared :D) Do I have to get some kind of license or something to drive legally in Canada? OR, is my Texas driver's license enough? I'll be driving in from New York, but I dont want to get ticketed or something in Canada cos I didnt have the right shyt.

Im sure I'll have plenty of other stupid-ace questions to ask later on. :P
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Hello Chibiminako! I don't have a direct answer to your questions (Canadian Dude and others would be better at that), but wanted to offer you a couple of other things. I visited Toronto for the first time 2 years ago and loved it! I was there dead in the middle of the winter, but it did not matter. I had a great time hanging out with my friends. I stayed w/ a good friend who was studying there, and she had an apt. at Bloor St, which was pretty central to a lot of things. We had a great time!

What struck me the most about Toronto was how I perceived the culture there. Hmmm... it's a bit hard to explain, but in the US, in general, diversity is appreciated, but most times different groups seem to hang out separately. From a lifestyle perspective, all groups seem to be expected to become somewhat americanized. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, but I noticed something strikingly different in Toronto. There were diverse groups of people, but everyone seemed to do their own thing, and there didn't appear to be an expectation of 'canadianization'... does that make any sense? Anyhow, I thought that that was pretty cool too! I guess that's what they mean when they say the US is a melting pot, but Canada is a salad bowl!

The only other thing I want to mention is to be sure you have your identification documents as well as destination and general travel itinerary information, b/c I've heard that after 911, the US has been a lot more strict with border control b/w the East Coast and Canada.

have a great time!
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You shouldn't need anything special to drive in Canada. I never have. As far as the border goes, just be sure to have a birth certificate, and if possible your passport. The better prepared you are the easier the border will be. I know the Detroit-Windsor side is like a hit or miss, you either have absolutely no problem at all or you get someone who is gonna read you the riot act.

As far as stuff to do in Toronto... I was only there once for a field trip and we seemed to of spent an abnormally large amount of time in the mall of all places... bleh. So didn't get much sightseeing.. but C-Dude will hook you up.

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Wel,Well, Well I think I can help ya there.....

This will all depend on time...


Is a city of almost 3 million people, the largest city in Canada, the social and culteral diversity in this city makes it one hell of a place to visit.

If your fly in, you will land at Person International Airport terminal 1, 2 or 3

To DownTown:

Taxi: from 40$-45$ pretty much anywhere in the down town core

Public Transit: $2.25 ( Always take a transfer from the driver) Take the Malton 58 bus from Terminal 2 to Lawrence West Stn, take the train south and If you get off the train anywhere south of St.Patrick Stn you will be in the down town area.
You can also take the 192 Airport Rocket ($2.25) from terminal 2 or 3 that will take you to Kipling Stn, take the train eastbund to St.George Stn then transfer to the south bound train there into down town.
( There are free inter-terminal shuttles at the airport)

Toronto Transit Commision Info


The most popular hostel in the city is:
Global Village BackPackers

Some others are
College Hostel
Life In The Beach

Use this link to check for others around Toronto and Vancouver ( And anywhere else in the world for that matter!)

I have never stayed at any of these so I can not give an opinion on how things are.

Here is a link for the Top 10 Best Of in TorontoToronto Top 10 of Everything

These are a few Toronto web site that will show you alot of different

NOW Magazine <- this is a local indie paper that has all kinds of "whats going on stuff"

Places to go:

Queen St. West is a very cool, kind trendy area with shops galor, and interesting head shops and Hemp stores as well. It goes west from University Ave to Spadina Ave, if you go north on Spadina you will be in China Town, and dam the food is good. Keep walking north or take the Streetcar (2.25$) up to Harbor St. and you will be in the University of Toronto area, with pubs, pizza, and nuff hotties, you can walk around there anywhere and there are people to meet and things to see.

Walk up to Bloor and jump on the Subway take it East over to Broadview Stn and you will be in Greek Town, again the food is amazing and the culture is can walk along Danforth all the way to Coxwell Ave and experience Greek life in Toronto. If you get onto the south Bus from Coxwell Stn get off at Gerard and you will think your in India, this is Little India with all the food and culture of Calcutta. Spend some time there and enjoy the sights...

When your done walk south to the Queen St. East and head into the Beaches area, very classy with cafes and dog owners milling about, there are about 4 StarBucks on that streach of road just to give you an idea. Still fun to check out though.

There is so much more to see, and different areas like Little Italy, Little Jamaca, Little Korea..this is the second most diverse city in the world, next to NYC.

Some Tips:

Use day passes for the transit, $8.00 lets you hop on and off all day from after 9:00am

Streetcars stop in the middle of the road, when the doors open cars are suppose to stop, LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE YOU EXIT THE VEHICLE cars do not stop some times.

People will help you out, just ask!!!

When you are walking through a door, be polite and hold the door for the next person, its just something we do ( most of the time)

All ways take a transfer from the transit driver in the city, it is your proof of payment, you must show it when asked.

Try not to jay walk, city drivers are nuts!!!!

If your using US Dollars you get some serious bang for your buck!!!

( All prices I mention are in Canadian Funds)

PM me and I will meet you for a pint!!!!!!!

I hope this has been of some help to ya, and if you have any more questions, let me know always glad to help!!!
B) B) B)

( Tis is a copy and paste from another thread that this question was asked I will post some current info for ya soon :-)
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and make sure you visit Muchmusic (our nations music station) and scream and bang on the windows like all those annoying people do all the time..i believe it's on queen st..
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Definately check out Lil Italy, Greek Town Kegsiton (sp ?) market, a really good night club is the G-spot!! As for hostels...Canadiana Backpackers is really welcoming and clean...the location is great..less than a 3 min walk from Queen Street...have funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
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