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Budget Travel Gear Yo Nellie, which backpack should I git? Questions and answers on gear related topics (i.e. backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, hiking boots, stoves, etc.). See Europe by train
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I dont know... they seem waaaay to uncumfortable for me... I'd rather wear sneakers... looks like you could get some nasty blisters from those!!
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Those Crocs do indeed look, er, blister prone. And... not that cute, eh?

I tramped through Southeast Asia (dirty markets, showers, beaches and all) in a pair of leather Aerosole flip-flops and some Converse. I think I'll try some Birkenstocks next time, though. I've also read Ecco shoes are good, and I'll second the good word on the Tevas.

What do you ladies bring as a "dressy" shoe? I can always bring my favorite low heels, but I hate to bring anything I might not actually use that much. I'd rather make something do double-duty. A pair of comfortable flats, maybe?

Does anyone else have Krizia walking shoes? I love mine and use them a lot (they're so comfortable you don't need socks, even in heat and cold), but they seem more like urban walking shoes and, er, I'm going to spend a month bumming about Greece. Thoughts?
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I just hate trendy shoes.. lol its like over here on chaple street ( in melb) when pink polos shirts with the colour up, and thongs with jeans became trendy for men, now ya just have to add the gardening shoese LOL
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Old 05-03-2006, 09:55 AM   #24
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I brought a pair of Merrell hikers and a pair of Teva sandals. I'm especially happy about the Tevas and I swear by them (beach, showere, around town, etc.). The pair of dress shoes that I brough with me (black leather on a low heel) was the first thing that I send back home. I found that the amount of hiking, sight seeing and running around on the beach far outweighed everything else, so the dress shoes were not needed. I still went to restaurants, bars and clubs, but since it was hot and there were tons of people wearing sports sandals or sneakers all around I never felt underdressed.

My advice - bring whatever YOU are most comfortable in and don't bring too much (after all YOU will have to haul it around on your back till you come home).
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How about Havaianas? A couple of friends went on a Europe trip this recent summer and used them.

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Old 12-26-2006, 07:20 PM   #26
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I just bought a pair of Tevas with an xmas giftcard. My feet are so, so happy to have them. I did't think they'd be that comfortable but I put them on and said "Wow they feel really good" to the sales guy. I think he thought I was crazy but whatever! I got the Shay line if anyone cares!

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I wore my Keens around India and England for three weeks and they never let me down. The only time I changed out of them was in the Himalayas at night when my feet would get cold and on the one day it rained in London. Those shoes single-handedly convinced me to buy a pair of Keen walking shoes for work... and let me tell you, it's difficult to persuade me to wear anything other than the Danskos for 14-hour shifts.
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I have to add I agree with the Reefs recommendation. I wore them all over Australia, and they were awesome. More comfortable than my chacos or running shoes. I have the rubber ones though, not leather.
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