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Budget Travel Gear Yo Nellie, which backpack should I git? Questions and answers on gear related topics (i.e. backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, hiking boots, stoves, etc.). See Europe by train
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Ok, so I'd like to travel light. How small of a pack can I get away with? I'm heading to Europe for 6 weeks, I'm not camping (will be staying in hostels mostly) and am willing take a few extra steps in order to not have to carry around an anvil on my back. Any suggestions?

p.s. Anyone read the book, "First time Europe"?
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First of all, check this out!

I'd say you'd want a MINIMUM of 2,600 cu in of space - probably better to have around 3000+, but that depends on you. Check out packs such as the Dana Designs Far flung as a good example.

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I have a 2800 cu in. (45L) Burton AK Assault pack that I use for weekends, although I decided to go light on my last 8-day tripand it was perfect. (Other than for bringing back crap that i picked up, but that's what a shopping bag is for.)

My faithful companion for longer trips has been a 6500 cu in. (100L) Jansport Rockies backpack, which has lugged entirely too much stuff through national parks, Europe, and more. Frankly, after having gone super-light, I think it's more backpack than I will need, but I'm never going to get rid of it.

In between, I've got a ballistic-nylon duffel bag that I once dragged around Europe for a couple of weeks, and other than being a bitch to carry on long walks, it worked out brilliantly.

I think I'm going to attempt to do my next month-long trip with the 45L Burton. It'll force me to travel light, and its total size makes it qualify as a carry-on for any flight, even w/ the detachable daypack attached. Now that's one feature to really look for!
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I have two, and honestly I prefer the smaller one. It's this Marmot women's pack, 50L (actually, it's 47L because I have the size small) with a removable daypack. I it. The other one is a High Sierra 60L total, and honestly I don't miss the extra capacity much. *Especially* with the removable daypack and overall waaaay better fit.

Go to a sporting goods store and try different packs on if you can. KCL's recommendation of the Dana Design Far Flung is a great idea.
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The absolute smallest i believe is a 35 liter pack. Thats what i carried around for 5 weeks in Europe and did absolutly fine with it. You just pack for 4-5 days of clean clothes and just either clean every week or wear things more than one day. I did the latter of the two options. Thats me though. Pack Light, Pack Tight, and Pack Right.
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Yeah, i used a 39L bag...but i bought a lot of shit too...but i figured you could always bring a smaller daypack and use the string-mechanism over the bag to attach your daypack to your backpack when you move from city to city.
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My last trip I did with a Dana Design Zade 31 litre.. thats right! 31! Pack tight and light! I like going with as little gear as possible.
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